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Dec 07 2023

Web Design Trends for 2024

In many ways, the digital landscape is a living, breathing entity. Okay, not literally, but it nevertheless grows, shifts, and transforms, mirroring the ever-changing demands and desires of users around the globe.


For businesses, keeping up with these changes is crucial. A well-designed, trend-savvy website forms the cornerstone of a strong online presence, creating unforgettable user experiences that set brands apart from the competition.


So, stick with us as we take an in-depth look at our four favourite new and upcoming web design trends for 2024. From rich and vibrant maximalist designs to engaging narratives and interactive storytelling and beyond, we’re covering them all.


Maximalist Design

Kicking off our list is the loud and proud comeback of maximalist web design. This expressive style is like the boisterous life of the party that refuses to blend into the background. It demands attention, and it definitely gets it, making it a web design aesthetic likely to dominate in 2024.


Why is maximalist design resurfacing now?

The answer lies in our inherent craving for visually striking and expressive experiences. A study by Adobe reveals that 59% of users prefer “beautifully designed” websites over simpler counterparts. In a sea of minimalist, clean-cut designs, maximalist websites are like a breath (or maybe more of a gale) of fresh, vibrant wind.


What does maximalist design look like?

It’s characterised by rich colour palettes, bold graphics, and an expressive user interface. A far cry from the subdued hues and clear, minimalist lines that have dominated in recent years, where minimalism whispers, minimalism shouts. But don’t mistake this for a chaotic cacophony of elements; every detail in. a maximalist design serves a purpose and tells a story.


Semi-Serif Fonts

If maximalist design is the life of the party, then semi-serif fonts are the intriguing, well-travelled guest. They’re the perfect blend of the sophistication of serif fonts and the clarity and readability of sans-serif fonts. With their unique aesthetic that’s both refreshing and engaging, they’re set to be one of the best web design trends for 2024.


Why are semi-serif fonts gaining popularity?

The answer lies in their versatility and visual appeal. These fonts possess a chameleon-like quality, effortlessly adapting to various parts of a website. Be it headlines that demand attention or subheadings that guide the reader’s journey, semi-serif fonts lend a touch of personality and uniqueness that sets your content apart.


Choosing your font is crucial

As much as people love visually beautiful sites, more often than not, they’re coming to a page to access content. Whether it’s product info, blogs, or accessing a service, a lot of web use revolves around reading. This means that choosing a font that fits with the vibe of your site and is accessible to users is vital. With their flexibility and simple but nuanced style, semi-serif fonts can often tick both of these boxes.


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Interactive Storytelling

Third on our list of web design trends for 2024 is a fascinating narrative technique that’s set to redefine user experiences – interactive storytelling. It’s a trend that takes users on an immersive journey, turning passive observers into active participants in a brand’s narrative.


It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book

It places users at the helm of the narrative, engaging them in a way that traditional, static websites can’t. The beauty of this trend lies in its ability to forge deep connections between brands and users, creating unique identities that resonate long after the browser is closed.


What does interactive storytelling look like?

It’s the artful blend of compelling narratives with interactive elements like gamification, videos, 3D visuals and, in recent times, virtual reality (VR). These aspects act as chapters of your brand’s story, guiding users through it with each click, swipe or scroll.


  • Dynamic text can be used to create a sense of movement, drawing attention to key messages and making your site come alive.


  • Simple animations can be employed to convey complex information in an easily digestible format.


  • Gamification elements like quizzes or interactive challenges add an element of fun and engagement, enticing users to stay longer and interact more.


Interactive storytelling is hyper-effective for e-commerce web design

By showcasing products in a narrative context, businesses can create a more immersive shipping experience that goes beyond the usual (kind of boring) transactional style. For example, a fashion brand could take users on an interactive tour of their latest collection, while a tourist company might offer visually stunning panoramics.


Gradient Tones

Rounding off our top four new and upcoming web design trends for 2024 is the vibrant world of gradient tones. In design terms, gradient tones are like a canvas painted with hues that blend and flow, creating a depth and dynamism that flat colours struggle to achieve.


Why are gradient tones set to rule web design aesthetics?

Well, on top of their simple ability to evoke emotion through visual interest, gradients also guide the user’s eye. By subtly shifting colour from light to dark (or vice versa), you can subconsciously draw the gaze of a user to your chosen content or call to action. It’s a subtle and effective way of supporting your user journey.


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Level Up Your Web Design in 2024

As an award-winning digital web design agency, we can enhance the user journey for your prospective and current customers. With our team of web designers, creatives and SEO experts, we can appeal to users from all backgrounds and keep your site relevant throughout 2024.


To find out more, take a look at our web design page or feel free to get in touch with us.


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