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Oct 29 2021

Five of Our Favourite Modern Web Design Trends

Web design trends change all of the time. What can feel fresh and modern at one point can look dated and bland just a few years later. Keeping on top of your website is crucial to any business, and taking inspiration from modern web design trends can be an easy way of impressing visitors when they land on your site.


It can take just 0.05 seconds for a user to make a decision about your website, so it’s essential to have a unique and attractive web design to create a lasting impression.


With endless colour schemes, layouts and features, there is no end to what you can do to spice up your website, so if you’re looking for the lowdown on upcoming web design trends and website inspiration for 2021, then keep reading…


Dark Colour Schemes


When looking at modern web designs trends for 2021 (and beyond!), we’ve found darkly coloured websites have been one of the most popular. Many people now favour using dark mode on mobile apps and desktop programmes, claiming that it’s clearer and more aesthetically pleasing, and this trend has now begun to seep into website design.


Upcoming Web Design Trends and Website Inspiration for 2021 - Five of Our Favourite Modern Web Design Trends
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Some websites offer both light and dark modes, while others have just gone to the dark side completely. The simple and sleek look of a dark website really enhances the website’s look and makes the content easier to read in environments with low light levels.



Adding texture and dimension is one of the most straightforward yet most stunning web design trends for 2021 and beyond. The effect can be huge by creating web images and designs with different textures, making your site pop, and adding a fun multidimensional and modern feel to an otherwise normal website.


Modern Web Design Trends for 2021 - Five of Our Favourite Modern Web Design Trends
Image credit: HandMyWritten


Be it in the form of animation, or just the images that you use, adding texture and dimension to a website gives a more user interactive feel and makes your layout look super modern.


Horizontal scrolling


Whilst vertical scrolling has been the leading way in website design in the past, unconventional scrolling options are rising in popularity, with it being one of the most unique web design trends for 2021 and beyond.


stunning web design trends for 2021 - Five of Our Favourite Modern Web Design Trends
Image credit: Qode Interactive


Having a change in how to navigate a web page was once seen as confusing and undesirable. But, the ever-changing landscape of web design has firmly made a pitch for this trend, making websites more engaging, ensuring that customers will remember your site. This works incredibly well for image-based sites and animation, giving them a unique and modern feel rather than the standard vertical scroll.




When browsing the internet, there is nothing people love more than taking a quiz about themselves or testing their knowledge, whatever the subject may be. So, when looking at your company’s web design, you want your content to be as engaging as possible and get the user to actively utilise all of the features of your site, rather than scrolling quickly and leaving.


unique web design trends for 2021 - Five of Our Favourite Modern Web Design Trends
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Interactive content, such as polls, questionnaires, and contests, will help encourage visitors to engage more with your content and provide a fun outlet when visiting it. Done well, it’s one of the most powerful and unique web design trends for 2021 and into 2022.




Although bigger is better in the case of many website designs, sometimes stripping everything back for a clean-cut and simple design can be the most effective design of them all. That’s why we’ve gone for minimalism as one of our five favourite modern web design trends.


It’s a timely trend, too. After a chaotic year of COVID, which involved people working from home for the majority of 2020, having calming and relaxing elements on a website became favourable for many companies, as it helps eliminate the stress of an overly technical and complex offering.


Five of our Favourite Modern Web Design Trends - Five of Our Favourite Modern Web Design Trends
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Instead of a site full of graphics, animations and an overload of things to look at, many companies are now opting for a minimalist design, with basic text, minimal imaging and neutral tones. A calm and simple effect is sometimes all that’s needed to convey a simple message and get your audience to remember your content.


Do you need help modernising your website?


Whether you’re trying to think of fun and exciting ways to design a brand-new site, or want to incorporate some unique features into your existing one, we can help!


To see what we can do for you, check out our web design portfolio and web design services, and get in touch to find out more about how we can help you impress your audience.


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