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Oct 31 2022

Why You Need a Good Website

In the modern connected world, the importance of having a good website cannot be overstated.


Here, we delve into exactly why having a good website is important.


Why is it important to have a website?


The benefits of having a good website are many – and the drawbacks are very few indeed. In fact, the cost of writing, designing and hosting a website is easily worth it for the benefits it brings to the vast majority of businesses large and small. Here’s why:


1. Your web address is your business card


In the days before the web (and even before smartphones) if a prospect wanted to know about your business, you’d tell them yourself and hand them a business card if they wanted to follow up. These days, you might make the explanation a lot shorter and instead point them towards your website, where they can find out much, much more.


Without a website, you can’t do that, which can make you – and your business – seem a little old fashioned and out of touch. However, having a badly-designed, out of date website can still serve to put people off doing business with you. The benefit of having a good website is that you have somewhere you’re proud of to point people towards, knowing it will do its bit to self your services on its own.


2. Your website is the home of your brand


A major reason your website can sell your services is that it’s really the epicentre of your whole brand.


Brands are incredibly important in the modern world. Just a simple name and logo can stand for a whole set of values, beliefs and standards that people can believe in and identify with. Consumers feel real love and affinity for popular brands. Businesses feel comfortable doing business with other companies who have a strong and well-known brand. And your website is the first place people look to find out about your brand, whether you’re an up-and-comer or an established company. Your brand is your credibility, and your website is its digital foundation.


Why having a good website is important - Why You Need a Good Website

3. Your site goes wherever your customers do


Another reason why having a good website is important is that your customers can access it from wherever they are, at any time. They can use it to find out more about your products and services, browse your content archive, or make purchases, day or night. Whether they happen upon your site by chance or are a regular return visitor, a well-designed website helps people form an ongoing relationship with your brand and build trust in your enterprise.


4. And it can help you reach new customers, too


We mentioned happening upon your business by chance above – and that’s where SEO comes in. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s what helps your landing pages, product pages and content pages all appear high up in search results on Google, Yahoo and the like – where they’re likely to get the most views. Great SEO is an important part of both a website design project and its ongoing marketing efforts, and it’s essential to reaching new audiences – as too are web ads and social media – all of which we’ll get to further below. Suffice it to say, however, that the benefits of having a good website really show when all aspects are working at their utmost effectiveness.


5. Having a great site makes customer service a cinch


Great customer service isn’t easy to do. It’s resource-intensive, time consuming, and can be expensive to reach and maintain the kind of standards needed to get a good Net Promoter score. The benefit of having a good website is that it can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to customer service. Simply publishing a contact page and registering as a business with Google will allow people to find you without needing to call your shop or office for directions. Likewise, placing a contact form on your contact page can further lower the number of calls you take, while integrating a customer service chat bot into a live chat service can help to answer customer queries without any real-life employees needing to lift a finger.


6. Plus it gives you somewhere to make announcements


Is it important to have a good website - Why You Need a Good Website


Our penultimate reason why having a good website is important is that it gives you a primary location to tell people what’s going on with your brand and company. Whether you call it a news area or a blog index page, this is often the part of your website specifically set aside for communicating updates, changes and company announcements, as well as conveying your business’s values and areas of expertise. A regularly updated news/blog page is central to any brand’s digital marketing practices – which neatly brings us to…


7. Your website is the endpoint for your digital marketing activities


Our final reason why you need a good website involves your ability to reach out and target the right leads with the right campaigns. With the help of Google Analytics 4, you can work out which visitors to your website are likely to purchase from your pages or return for future visits, and create compelling offers around your products and service to entice repeat business. You can also craft campaigns designed to point people towards different areas of your site, depending on whether you’re trying to spark sales, encourage sign-ups, or spread the word about an important update. Whatever your campaign goals, you need an end destination for them and that’s another compelling reason why having a good website is important.


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