Tips on choosing a typeface - Tips on choosing a typeface
Apr 23 2015

Tips on choosing a typeface

Choosing a typeface can be a difficult task and it’s not often a decision to be made quickly. There are many factors that you need to take into account, including legibility and it’s important that you choose the appropriate typeface for your brand for both print and online.


If you’re struggling, here are a few tips to help you get started!


1. Do your research


Before you start physically choosing your fonts, see what’s out there. It’s definitely worth reading a few typography and design blogs, so you can look out for good and bad examples. Like any part of a project you should do your research early, so you work from a solid foundation of facts and inspiration.


2. Matchy, matchy


Your main priority should be thinking of your brand’s characteristics and style. Once you have these concrete in your mind, you can start selecting fonts to consider and help quicken the elimination process. Your typeface should reflect the character of your brand, capturing what you do to strengthen its identity.


3. Think effectively and be selective


This process can be lengthy and many opinions will clash, so think effectively and keep an open mind. You may have found a typeface that you absolutely love, but remember, it may not necessarily be the right one to use for your brand or fit the purpose. Be honest, ruthless and put the thought of the target audience’s interpretation at the forefront of your mind.


4. Take it slooow


By all means, don’t rush this process. We understand that it can be lengthy and at times, testing, but it’s better to take your time and get it right. Taking into account deadlines, be prepared and allow yourself enough time to choose a tried and tested typeface that you’re confident with.


5. Be timeless and unique


Unless you’re planning on changing your typeface regularly, pick one that will not only stand out and work for your brand, but one that will always be timeless. This combined with a typeface perfect for your brand, you won’t go wrong and people will remember you. You don’t have to go crazy with them, but be unique so you establish your brand from your competitors.


We hope these tips help you on your way to finding an awesome typeface that’s perfect for you! Our experienced designers are more than happy to help you with the creative services we provide, including advice on branding and typography! Get in touch ☺

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