july consistent web design v1 - Why your web design needs to be consistent
Jul 20 2017

Why your web design needs to be consistent

Making sure that your web design is consistent throughout is crucial to a website’s success. It could be as simple as your brand colours or as complex as the overall UX UI wire frame.


However, you approach your site, consistency is one aspect that shouldn’t change. That’s why this month we’ve created this blog to show you why it’s so important, and how it can impact your readers.


Why is consistency within web design important?


Regardless of whether it’s the tone of voice, the images that you use, the styling of the buttons or the main navigation bar, you need to make sure that if you’ve included an element in one section, the design is rolled out across the rest of your site.


Your readers will soon get to know the layout of your site, including where information is and how they can access it. Too much change over a short period of time can leave to confusion and disappointment.


To put it in a practical perspective, imagine that you’re making a cup of tea or coffee. You go to the same place for the milk, the same place for the kettle and the same place for the tea.


It’s a subconscious action because it’s always been consistent. Now imagine that someone has moved your kettle, moved your mug and moved your milk but not told you where to or why.


Confusing isn’t it? Now apply that to a visitor to your website.


How can consistency impact your project?


When it comes to creating pages on a website, design consistency makes the whole process a lot smoother, faster and ultimately enjoyable for your readers.


However, it’s not just important for improving the user experience on your site, it can help save time too.


Re-useable templates mean that any party who’s interacting with the project can immediately work on any given page, without having to figure out which piece of content goes where.


A consistent design also ensures that your brand identity is on point. If you take our website for example, we consistently use paint splashes throughout each of the banner images, so no matter what page you’ve landed on, you know you’ve arrived at One2create.


How your users could benefit from a consistent web design?


Intuitive learning. If certain elements on your website are laid out consistently, regular users of your website will subconsciously learn how to use it quicker. However, if you’re regularly changing interaction elements, they’ll loose this knowledge and may leave before digesting your content.


Added comfort: From a visual point-of-view, consistency gives your readers a sense of comfort and control, whereas a sporadic design makes them feel uncomfortable and erratic. Experienced web designs understand how to structure pages to properly showcase your content and enhance user experiences.


Enhanced information architecture: If you’re always placing your key information at the top of each page, your readers will instinctively focus their attention “above the line” regardless of where they land on your site.


Use this to your advantage by placing your strongest Call to Actions or promotional content near the main navigation bar.


Increased brand awareness: OK, this will probably benefit your business more than it benefits your readers, but with increased brand awareness comes great public visibility. Once a reader is accustomed to your individual style, they’ll soon be able to identify you in the crowded digital market place.


How can you make your website consistent?


Now, this is only an example checklist, so if you think we’ve missed anything off do then let us know and we’ll update it.


  • Brand logos
  • The overall colour scheme
  • Vertical and/or horizontal spacing between each of the page elements
  • Font consistency for the headings and body copy
  • Consistent placement of contact information
  • Internal and external link options (i.e. open in a new window vs. open in the same window)
  • Content publishing scheduling
  • Buttons and Call to Actions



So there we have it, why your web design needs to be consistent. What do you think? Would an inconsistent design put you off using a website?


We’d love to hear your thoughts, so do let us know in the comment below. Alternatively, you can find us on Facebook here or on Twitter here.


Remember, if you’re struggling to keep your branding or design consistent, then we can help. We’re experts in all things creative, and we love to help companies achieve their potential. Get in touch with us today on 01489 232 312 or info@one2create.co.uk to see how we can help.

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Julie knows that it’s not just about making a pretty website. It's about creating a strong user journey and getting people to take action. She uses her keen eye for detail and experience to her (and our) advantage. Follow her for tips, tricks and insider advice on all things web design.

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