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Sep 01 2023

Why Use Video Marketing?

In the age of social media and digital advertising, a question that often surfaces for businesses is, ‘Why use video marketing?’ The answer is pretty simple but profound. Video marketing has emerged as a powerful weapon in digital marketers’ arsenal, revolutionising how businesses communicate their brand stories. It’s changed the way they showcase their products and services and how they engage with their target audience.


The increasing dominance of video content is mainly thanks to its dynamic nature. It caters to our fast-paced, modern lifestyle where many of us would rather watch a short, snappy video than read long-form text. It’s not just about keeping up with a trend, though. Video marketing is about harnessing the potential of a medium that can convey your message effectively and persuasively.


Here, we’re going to dig into the multifaceted benefits of using video marketing, from enhancing engagement and building brand identity to generating a substantial return on investment (ROI) and driving business growth. So, let’s dive in and find out why video marketing should be an integral part of your strategy.


Video Marketing and Engagement

Understanding how using video marketing can increase your customer engagement is critical to unlocking its full potential. Videos aren’t just content; they’re an experience that invites participation, interaction and, ultimately, engagement.


The stats show that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with a video than without. This is because video content is dynamic and captivating; it grabs and retains the viewer’s attention for extended periods. Further to this, social videos generate a whopping 1200% more shares than text and image content combined, amplifying your reach and engagement exponentially.


So, what are some practical examples of how businesses can use video marketing to engage their audience?


Tutorials and How-to Videos


These types of videos provide value to the viewer by teaching them something new or showing them how to solve a problem. For example, a beauty brand could post a makeup tutorial using their products, or a kitchenware company might demonstrate their equipment in a recipe video.


Behind-the-Scenes Videos


Giving your consumer a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at your company can humanise your brand and foster a deeper connection. For example, we made one of our clients go viral on TikTok by pulling back the curtain and giving an insight into what it’s like to work in a family-run business.


User-Generated Content


Encouraging your customers to create videos while using your product or service not only generates valuable content but also boosts engagement as users share and interact with these videos on social media.


Live Videos


By live-streaming your events, Q&As or product launches, you can create a sense of urgency, exclusivity and community. This goes a long way to encouraging people to tune in and participate in a one-off, real-time experience.


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Building Brand Identity Through Video Marketing

The benefits of using video marketing extend beyond mere customer engagement. It plays a pivotal role in crafting a compelling brand identity, the cornerstone of every successful business. By using a visual storytelling medium, you can vividly portray your business’ personality, values and uniqueness.


Showcasing these elements consistently across all of your video content helps to create a strong brand identity that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the competition. Here are our top reasons why using video marketing can benefit your brand:




Authenticity breeds trust, and trust is the most essential ingredient when cooking up a strong brand identity. The research shows that over half of your potential consumer base simply won’t engage with your brand if they don’t trust it.


Video marketing encourages you to be true to your brand and let it shine through. Whether with behind-the-scenes footage, employee testimonials or stories about your company’s journey, showing the natural, human side of your brand fosters a deep connection of trust and security with your audience.




Consistency is key in branding. This doesn’t just involve visual consistency in terms of colours, fonts, logos, et cetera; it runs deeper than that. By utilising a thematic consistency, you ensure that your style, tone and message are aligned throughout your brand narrative. With its broad reach, immediate, visual impact and accessible nature, video marketing is a hyper-effective way to achieve this.


Value-driven Content


Video marketing stands apart as a way to convey your brand’s values and ethics, something that matters more and more as younger generations become socially aware. A short-form video, when properly framed, edited and circulated, can raise awareness of your brand’s values in a way that feels natural and identifiable to the consumer.


Emotional Connection


You might have noticed that the common thread running through this is the emotional, human connection. Videos have the power to evoke emotions like no other medium. Use this to your advantage to create an emotional bond with your viewers.


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ROI and Business Growth from Video Marketing


The ROI on videos for marketing has been proven to be considerable. An incredible 92% of marketers affirm that using videos gives them a positive return on investment, according to a study by Oberlo. This figure underlines the potential of video marketing in driving business growth and profitability.


However, the ROI of video marketing isn’t all about stats. It’s about the less tangible but equally crucial benefits like brand awareness, engagement and stronger brand identity. These are the factors that create long-term business growth, even if they’re harder to measure in concrete terms.

Ready to Leverage the Power of Video Marketing?


At One2create, we’re experts in crafting engaging, impactful marketing content to resonate with your audience and drive growth. Our team will help you convey your brand’s unique story, personality, and values. Don’t just tell your brand’s story; show it. Elevate your digital marketing strategy today with One2create’s marketing services. Contact us to get started!


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