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Apr 30 2023

The Importance of Inclusive Marketing

In the past, inclusive marketing was rarely a priority for businesses as part of their marketing plan. Now, consumers’ expectations and desires have changed, leading to a demand for brands to demonstrate a commitment to justice, equity, and an awareness of progressive identity.


In today’s blog post, I’ll explore the benefits of inclusive marketing from different perspectives. I’ll look into the ethical arguments about building a more inclusive and representative society and how marketing can help to achieve this while also touching on how this can translate into customer appreciation and brand engagement.

What is Inclusive Marketing, and Why Should You Care About It?

With the growth of a global community, consumer bases have become more diverse, so companies need to realise the importance of inclusive marketing. In the rich and varied society of the modern world, ensuring that people of all backgrounds, lifestyles and identities feel included and identified with must be a priority for businesses and organisations across all sectors. A great way to achieve this is through inclusive marketing, as certain areas of marketing are still far from perfect when it comes to representing and respecting diversity.


But what exactly is inclusive marketing? It’s about creating campaigns that make everyone feel seen and valued, and welcome, regardless of their race, gender, age, ability or sexual orientation.


Inclusive marketing acknowledges that people come from different backgrounds and have different experiences and that these should be reflected in the ads we see. Not only does inclusive marketing carry a powerful ethical argument, but it can also help businesses reach a wider audience and build a stronger reputation. So, if you want to create campaigns that resonate with people and reflect the world we live in, then understanding the impact that inclusive marketing can have both within your organisation and in broader society is a vital step.


The Benefits of Inclusive Marketing

Inclusive marketing is all about representing and catering to a diverse range of customers from different backgrounds, cultures, gender and abilities. The benefits of embracing this approach are clear.


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For businesses, aside from the crucial ethical reasons for prioritising diversity and inclusivity, it fosters a stronger connection with their customer base and can even increase their bottom line. Customers feel seen, heard and valued when companies try to include them in their marketing campaigns. Not only does this create a positive reputation for the business, but it also showcases an understanding and acceptance of all audiences. A benefit of inclusive marketing is that it helps companies stand out from their competitors to build a loyal consumer base willing to support their brand for the long haul.


How to Implement an Inclusive Marketing Campaign

Inclusivity in marketing isn’t just a buzzword but a moral decision, too. By crafting campaigns that speak to a diverse group of people, you not only broaden your potential customer base but also send a message that your company cares about people from all walks of life.


This can have a powerful impact on business and marketing culture and can set an example for others to follow. A great example of this was Gillette’s 2019 ‘The Best Men Can Be’ campaign, which raised awareness of societal harm caused by toxic masculinity.


Gillette’s approach was praised by commentators as a ‘pro-humanity’ attempt to change the dialogue around damaging behaviours, with Gillette citing the advertisement as an effort to promote ‘positive, attainable, inclusive and healthy versions of what it means to be a man.’ This campaign’s impact on the marketing sector is still being felt today and shows how businesses taking an ethical standpoint can shift marketing culture to a more inclusive and supportive place.


So how can you implement an inclusive marketing campaign? Firstly, it’s crucial to know your audience and understand their values and beliefs. Ensure that your campaign visuals reflect diverse individuals from various backgrounds, and use inclusive language across your advertising. It’s important to avoid stereotypes or microaggressions.


Realising the role of authenticity in your strategies is another crucial step when understanding the importance of inclusive marketing. Paying lip service or jumping on the bandwagon to capitalise on a trending social event can actually have negative repercussions on your brand’s value.


Tips for Developing an Effective Inclusive Marketing Plan

Developing an inclusive marketing plan can be a daunting task, but with these tips, you can maximise the benefits of inclusive marketing, ensuring that your brand is speaking to everyone.


Do Your Research


When devising an inclusive marketing strategy, it’s crucial to understand the diverse communities that make up your customer base. This will help you avoid stereotypes and cultural appropriation.


Create Individualised Content


Focus on content that speaks to your audience’s aims and aspirations. Through the research you’ve conducted, you should have gained a powerful insight into this and can maximise your appeal accordingly.


Strive for Visual Representation


Try to display inclusivity and diversity in your visuals and advertising campaigns. Give people of varying demographics, backgrounds and identities the instantaneous touchpoint to make them feel safe and comfortable.


Companies Utilising Inclusive Marketing

Brands like Dove and Tesco (Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2022 blog has more info) are among the few leading the way in inclusive marketing campaigns.


From body-positive ads to campaigns aimed at minority communities, these forward-thinking brands are supporting the move to a more inclusive society, one marketing campaign at a time. By offering a diverse range of voices and perspectives in their marketing, these companies are not only breaking stereotypes but also creating a deeper connection with their customers.


Doves diverse marketing campaign - The Importance of Inclusive Marketing

Dove’s Reverse Selfie Campaign, Image Credit: Econsultancy


Measuring the Impact of Your Inclusive Strategies

The importance of inclusive marketing is evident, then, but the question remains: how do you measure the impact of your inclusive strategies? It’s essential to track and assess the outcomes of your initiatives to ensure that they are effective and making a difference.


A thoughtful and thorough approach to measuring your strategies’ effectiveness will help you identify areas where you need to improve and continue to build an inclusive culture that benefits everyone.


Realise the Benefits of Inclusive Marketing with One2create


Here at One2create, we understand the importance of inclusivity in marketing. Our team brings together people of varying backgrounds, identities and demographics to craft content that not only benefits your business but ensures that your company is heading in the ethical direction that it wants to.


We have a proven track record of delivering outstanding marketing campaigns across numerous industries. Take a look at our portfolio for more details on how organisations have utilised our services to maximise their marketing potential. Or, if you want a more detailed chat, feel free to get in touch.


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