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Nov 25 2022

Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2022

We’ve seen a great variety of marketing campaigns this year. Some have been fun and wacky, others motivational and inspiring, while yet more have been poignant and timely reminders of the change that a well-placed advertising push can achieve.


So, as the year draws to a close, we look back on some of our top marketing campaigns of 2022.



Girls Don’t Like Football, WE LOVE IT!


This year saw the Lionesses become the first England football team since 1966 to win a major championship when they brought home the Euro 2022 Trophy. This fantastic achievement was tied in with one of our favourite marketing campaigns of 2022, which saw Sports Direct and media company COPA90 launch a multi-million-pound creative marketing push for equality in football.


Untitled design 1 - Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2022


Image Credit: COPA90


The expansive campaign, styled ‘Girls Don’t Like Football, WE LOVE IT!’ encompassed numerous channels, including TV, out-of-home (OOH) and in-store content, as well as a massive drive on social media. According to COPA90 Chief Creative Officer Gavin Rowe, the name of the campaign was a way to ‘playfully counter’ the ‘archaic misconception’ that girls don’t like football.


Sports Direct and COPA90 conducted in-depth interviews with grassroots fans and teams, as well as top managers and players, to analyse the landscape of women’s football. The campaign they produced, as a result, saw significant growth in the awareness and interest in women’s and girls’ football.


For its admirable ambition and success in achieving the goals it set out to, this campaign is one of our favourites of 2022.



Straight Outta Crumpton

1 - Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2022


Image Credit: Ads of the World


This play on NWA’s hit ‘Straight Outta Compton’ sees Aston Manor Cider promote their Crumpton Oaks cider range in the style of the famous California hip-hop group.


Aston Manor’s head of marketing Calli O’Brien said the company’s maiden TV advert was ‘designed to bring attitude back into the cider category,’ insisting that the campaign would engage with the 25-35-year-old demographic with whom the song had nostalgic resonance.


Featuring illustrated animated depictions of break-dancers, low-riders and DJs, the video is memorable and entertaining if a little off the wall. Combined with fan-service lyrics referencing a drink served ‘with ice cubes’ and concise and clear information regarding the use of British produce (made from apples right here in Old Blighty), Crumpton Oak’s original and entertaining brand launch is easily one of our favourite marketing campaigns of 2022.



The Selfie Talk


In contrast to Aston Manor’s zany parody comes Dove’s poignant vignette of the pressures of social media.


This video advert depicts a young girl applying makeup and hairspray before taking a selfie, editing it and uploading it to a social media platform. The twist is that the footage is reversed.


The minute-long ad opens with a view of the uploaded picture and takes us backwards through the various phases of the process, finishing with a simple shot of the girl whose young age and melancholic expression are brought into sharp relief. The slogan reads, ‘The pressure of social media is hurting our girls’ self esteem,’ and encourages viewers to ‘have the selfie talk.’


3 - Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2022


Image credit: Dove


While this campaign was first launched in 2021, Dove has continued to push the message, and the video has reached over 1.6 million views on YouTube and Instagram combined. In tandem, they released a Parent’s Kit and a Teacher’s Kit on their website, designed to ‘guide young people to be their most confident selves,’ alongside remarkable ‘before and after’ pictures of young girls whose selfies have been distorted to mask perceived ‘imperfections.’


With Dove estimating that 85% of girls in the UK distort the way they look online by the age of 13, this continued advocacy’s noble aims and immense success make it one of our top marketing campaigns of 2022.




Duolingo’s TikTok Campaign


Duolingo has attracted 5.1 million followers to its TikTok account, partially because of its fun and personalised approach to learning new languages and partially because of its innovative and, frankly, bizarre online activities that are one of our favourite marketing campaigns of 2022.


2 - Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2022


Image Credit: We Got This Covered


Their TikTok account, boasting the bio ‘just an owl tryna vibe,’ primarily revolves around videos featuring their world-famous mascot, a green owl called ‘Duo’ who is obsessed with music performer Dua Lipa.


Snippets of Duo dreaming of marrying Dua Lipa or being scolded for booking ‘business trips’ on every Dua Lipa tour date might seem like a strange marketing tactic, but they represent a shift from purely promotional content to enjoyable content, which many businesses struggle to achieve.


By featuring Duo in virtually all of their TikTok content, Duolingo are effectively pushing their brand while entertaining people by embracing the wackiness and self-effacing nature of Gen-Z humour.




Together this Ramadan


Muslims all around the world fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Millions resist food from sunrise until sunset when they break their fast at the nightly Iftar feast.


This year Ramadan fell between April and May and saw Tesco launch an innovative OOH billboard campaign. During the day, the billboards showed a table laden with empty dishes and plates that gradually filled with a variety of enticing foods as the sun went down.


The billboards were placed in areas with large Muslim populations, such as Brent in London, as well as Birmingham and Bradford, facing east in the direction of Mecca.


Alessandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer at Tesco, said that she was delighted to recognise the importance of Ramadan with our many Muslim customers’ adding that Ramadan is ‘a time for reflection, families and communities coming together to enjoy great food.’


For the sense of togetherness and the innovative use of a traditional billboard method, Together this Ramadan is another of our favourite marketing campaigns of 2022.


4 - Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2022


Image Credit: Ocean Outdoor


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