How to Use Twitter Advanced Search
Aug 02 2016

How to use Twitter Advanced Search

For online writers, bloggers and businesses, there can be a point when you’ll hit the “what do I write about now” wall, hard. That’s why we’ve decided to explain how to use Twitter Advanced search to break through your writers’ block.


Twitter Advanced Search is an ideal tool for you. Do you know why that is? It’s because you’re the expert in your own content, and you know your niche better than most of your customers or readers. People use social media to ask for advice and to find answers to their questions; you need to use this to your advantage.


So how do you actually find and use the Advanced Search tool? Just follow these simple steps:


Type your keywords (in this case, “web design Hampshire”) into the Search bar in Twitter, and search. You’ll be redirected to the page seen below. 


Screen Shot 2016 06 29 at 09.48.24 - How to use Twitter Advanced Search


Click the “More Options” tool and scroll down to “Advanced Search”


Screen Shot 2016 06 29 at 09.49.12 - How to use Twitter Advanced Search


Fill out any of the required fields, and hit search again. 


Screen Shot 2016 06 29 at 09.51.39 244x300 - How to use Twitter Advanced Search



Go to “More Options” again, and scroll down to “Save this Search”


Screen Shot 2016 06 29 at 09.53.18 - How to use Twitter Advanced Search


Once you’ve saved the search, you’ll be able to find it easily again in the toolbar at the top of the page. 


Screen Shot 2016 06 29 at 09.57.04 - How to use Twitter Advanced Search


Why is it Important?

For one main reason, it gives you access to the questions that people are asking. You can keep these questions in easy reach, and if you’re ever looking for inspiration, then you don’t need to search through pages and pages of irrelevant Tweets.



If your potential readers need help, then you can provide the solution. We all know that social media is the best way to get advice or opinions, and if you can find what people are looking for, then it’s easier for you to create the content to suit.


How can you use Twitter Advanced Search for content creation?


Like we’ve said, people are asking questions on social media. If your main business or website is about gardening, then search for keywords that relate.


If you’re struggling to think of how to target specific keywords; then have a sit down and create a solid content marketing strategy before you start.


For example, the Tweet = “I’ve got a problem with slugs eating my vegetables, any advice?”


The keywords here would be “slugs”, “vegetables” and “advice”. You could write a blog post about pest control in the garden. Or how about features on what organic solutions or chemical controls are available? You could write about what plants that slugs avoid, or how to attract more wildlife to your garden to eat the slugs.


What to do after you’ve created your content


So you’ve written your content, you’ve answered the questions that other users have been asking, well done. What you need to do now is share your content.


If you’ve solved a problem based a specific topic, then make sure that you include the original hashtag (#) when you Tweet a link to your blog or website. Consider mentioning the user who Tweeted their problem in the first place, but don’t make it spammy. Start a conversation with them, and remember to be useful.


Top Tips for Advanced Searching


  • Use simple keywords. This broadens the range of questions that your potential readers are asking, and how you can provide a solution to them.
  • Make it real. What we mean by this, imagine someone has asked you a question face-to-face. What words would they use that you can search for?
  • Provide a solution. It’s all well and good writing content that people enjoy reading, but if you’re providing a solution to a specific problem, readers are more likely to return in the future.
  • Interaction is key. Yes, you might have just written the most amazing piece of content ever, but why should anyone read it? You need to interact with the users asking the questions, establish yourself as an authority that has a useful solution to their problems.


So there we have it, another simple way to use social media to help with your content creation.


It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Just remember, you need to use a hashtag properly. If you’re not sure on how to, then we’ve created a handy guide to help you out.


The Internet is a wonderful thing, and it has a font of inspiration you just need to tap into. If you’re suffering from a creative block, then take a look out our article on how to beat it.

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