341 - How to get through creative block
Aug 18 2015

How to get through creative block

After our blog about writer’s block, the creative types in the office agreed that the mental blocks they experience are just as bad.


One thing’s for sure, that there is nothing worse than being mid-way through a project and suddenly having a massive mental break down, I mean erm, mental block. All of a sudden, you’ve completely forgotten how to do what you are doing and everything seems like… well, gobbly-de-gook!


Here are some ways the creatives in the office get through their creative blocks…


1. Carry a sketchbook


If you are generally quite a creative person, you may find that carrying a sketchbook around with you can help. Sometimes just doodling or writing notes when you’re not in the office can keep your creative side flowing. That way you won’t suddenly become jammed up with (or without) ideas. It’s funny what times your brain makes you think of work projects! (3am on a Wednesday – no thanks, brain!)


2. Daydream


Yes, this might sound counter productive to start, but daydreaming can be beneficial, if you can turn it into a positive. Next time you catch yourself daydreaming about the next celebrity wedding, try and turn it into something to do with your project. Maybe you could consider different scenarios or possibilities for the task, or imagine what someone else would think if they saw your project.


3. Take a break


Now, I know it might not always be possible to take a break from an important project, but sometimes it is just what your brain needs. If you are feeling really overwhelmed, you should do something completely different, new ideas could spring to mind where you least expect them!


4. Sleep


Not on the job, obviously, but sleep is important. If you go to work feeling lethargic, your work is bound to lack in creativity and you may also find that you’re making silly mistakes. Make sure you get enough sleep the night before you start a new project, so you can start the tasks feeling fresh.


5. Work somewhere new


Sometimes, being stuck in the office can make your creativity slump. You may find that a change of scenery could do the trick. Take your laptop and go work in a café, park or somewhere entirely different. The new ideas will hopefully come flowing into your mind, as you’re in unfamiliar surroundings.


Creative blocks aren’t exactly fun, but sometimes they are an important part of the process. Just remember, never give up on your project, fight through the mental block using these tips, and you will come out the other side with some work to be proud of!

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