310 - How To Battle Through Your Writer's Block
May 01 2015

How To Battle Through Your Writer’s Block

Well hello, writer’s block, how lovely to see you again… said, no writer EVER.


Have you been hopelessly staring at your screen for which seems like an eternity? Is your blank Word document glaring straight back at you? Hoping that you look up and words will magically appear? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, we all get it sometimes.


Coming from someone who’s had their fair share of writer’s block, I thought I’d let you in on a few of my top tips that help me.


1. Take a break


Had enough? Don’t force your writing. Take a moment to chill out away from your screen and clear your mind. You could go for a walk, read a chapter of that book you can’t put down, hey, go crazy and take a nap. Whatever takes you away from stress, take a break to do that. This much-needed time out could inspire a few ideas and give you that boost you need to get back into it.


2. Tidy working area, tidy mind


There’s nothing worse than when your brain is feeling frazzled and everywhere you look is mess. Whether it’s during your break or before you start, clear your workspace to help declutter your mind. Tidying might be the last thing on your mind, but trust me it helps.


3. Work out your best work technique


Working out my best way of working has really helped me tackle writer’s block and I now don’t get it as frequently. Some people need loud music, some total silence, but for me to get stuck in and be productive, I need my headphones in with a playlist that suits my mood. Everyone works in different ways and need specific working environments; you just need to find yours.


4. Word vomit


Getting that first sentence down can be a struggle and after lots of rewrites and backspaces it’s tempting to give up all together. Don’t. I actually find it productive to spew out a few sentences just to help me get into the main body of the text. Making a start is essential in getting over that hump.


5. Keep at it


You may feel at a loose end, filling up with frustration and panic, but whatever you do, don’t give up on it. Take a few moments and once you get into it you’ll be on a roll! Keep in mind that it’s a temporary thing that will pass.


We hope this has helped! 🙂

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