5 more ways to increase your twitter engagement
Jun 14 2016

5 More Ways to Increase your Twitter Engagement

Leading on from the success of our “5 Ways to Increase your Twitter Engagement” feature, we’ve decided that they just weren’t enough; so here we go, 5 more top tips on how to increase your twitter engagement rate. Enjoy!


Open not Closed


When you’re Tweeting out to your Followers, and want to increase their engagement, you need to make sure that you’re asking a question they can respond to. Remember, the best Tweets are open, not closed. Start the Tweet with one of the below and see how much more engagement you get:


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Asking open questions gives you the opportunity to interact with your followers as they respond. They also make your account more personal, instead of being just another business user in a sea of Tweeters.


Short and Sweet


Keeping your messages short is ideal when you’re looking to increase your Twitter engagement. Imagine it’s your Elevator Pitch – you have a maximum of 120 characters to explain the point of your post, or the content/update/meme that you’re sharing.


Why is this? It’s because people skim read, especially if they’re using their smart-phone or tablet. You only have a few seconds to draw in your reader’s attention and differentiate yourself from other users.


Try to make your message snappy, an eye drawer, a thought-stopper. You want your reader to immediately stop skimming down the page and think about the content that you’ve shared. Use shock tactics, but don’t be offensive or rude.


Time it Right


When you’re using your own social media accounts, how often do you look at them? What time of day do you spend most of your time aimlessly flicking through post after post, feed after feed trying to find something to read and enjoy?


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Most workers have a lunch break between 12 and 1pm, making this the ideal time to post out on social media. From Monday to Friday it should be between the golden lunch hours, and when it comes to weekends, just post throughout the day. If you’re going for maximum exposure, then try posting the same content (repurposed) several times a day each week.


If your Followers continuously see you posting useful, helpful or interesting content, they’re more likely to come back in the future and read what you have to say.


Make it Personal


Whether it’s using someone’s name at the start of the Tweet, or congratulating an individual on their achievements, making your Tweets personal really do help when you’re increasing your Twitter engagement.


People like to know that they’ve been noticed, and if they know that you’ve taken the time to look at their content, they’re more likely to reciprocate in the future.


This applies even if you’re responding to a complaint in a Tweet. Make sure that you address whatever the issue is in a responsible, professional manner, and always try to use their name if you can.


Emoji’s are a must when it comes to making Tweets personal.


🙂       😉       🙁


Think about it, can a computer chose the right Emoji to use in a specific situation? No, but a person can, and giving your content that personal touch endears you to your followers, showing that you’re a real person, not an automated computer.


Use the Right Links


Are you ever a bit unsure about the links that you see posted on social media? You know the ones, the short one’s that seem a to be a small combination of seemingly random letters and numbers thrown together for no good reason.


A bit extreme, but users are more likely to distrust links that don’t make any sense, or don’t show the company URL when they’re posting.


You need to think about this if you’re promoting your content online. If you’re publishing a post to your own blog or website, then consider using the whole link where users can see your website.


If you’re publishing posts from a different website (for example, something you saw on the news) then you’re going to be OK using the short links.


These shorter links are usually made through websites like Bitly or Tinyurl. They’re nothing to worry about; it’s just a way to get a link included in a Tweet without being as restricted by the character count.


So there we have it, 5 more tips on how to increase your Twitter engagement. Hopefully you found this useful, and if you did then take a look at the next step, how to seduce your Twitter Followers.


Remember, Social Media doesn’t have to be a hard process, but if you’re struggling to encourage interaction or attract more followers then get in touch with us. We’ve got a social media guru who can help you with that 😉

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