5 ways to increase your Twitter engagement  - 5 ways to increase your Twitter engagement
Jan 27 2016

5 ways to increase your Twitter engagement

Like everything, the more you put in, the more you get out and that goes for social media too. Whether your Twitter reports are looking sadder than they should be, or you’d like to change your tactic, we have a handful of top tips to help you engage your Twitter community.


Sharing’s caring


We know you love it when people share or favourite your tweets, so make sure you return the favour. By doing so, you’re showing your followers that you’re recognising the value of their content. If you absolutely love what they’ve posted, straight up tell them. They’ll not only appreciate it, but it’ll get them interacting with you too.




Hashtags are there for a reason, so don’t forget to include them when relevant. You can use them to create or promote your brand and start a conversation amongst your Twitter community. Don’t forget to look out for any trending topics and get yourself involved!


Link to top tips and problem solving articles


No one has the time these days to wade through waffle, they want to find what they need and move on. Top tips are a great way to encourage your followers to click and are perfect for people who are on the go. Problem solving content is also a big hit if you want to mix it up a bit.


Competition time


Get them mentions in and boost your brand awareness with a fun competition! Everyone loves a giveaway and competitions are a great opportunity to encourage engagement from your followers. Make sure it reflects your brand, suits your audience and certainly don’t forget to create a hashtag.


Let’s get visual, visual…


To grab your followers’ attention, post an image with your tweet. Of course, ensure it’s relevant to your tweet and that it’s safe for work (SFW). You want your feed to look interesting and by giving your followers a range of multimedia, they’ll be more likely to engage. Is your employee’s dog in the office? Post a photo. People love seeing a more personal side to a company.


There’s your lot for now, guys! Start putting these into action by following us on Twitter and starting a conversation. We’re a lovely bunch. If you still feel that you need a hand, we’re pretty awesome when it comes to social media and would be happy to help.

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