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Jan 03 2017

One2create January Monthly Round-Up

Welcome back to our regularly readers, and to those who are only visiting for the first time, it’s nice to meet you. We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and didn’t eat too many mince pies 😉


We’re gearing up for a busy 2017, and this first week has been no exception. There are plenty of updates for us to share, so without further ado, lets begin!





Detector Testers – Web Design, Copywriting
It feels like the end of an era, but the Detector Testers’ website is now officially live! We love the final results, and we’re looking forward to working closely with Detector Testers in the future with their on-going SEO.


detector testers web layout 0 - One2create January Monthly Round-Up


Molesey Vets – Web Design
We had so much fun working with Molesey Vets. We created a brand new website, including branding and full copywriting. We loved searching for all the animal images, and the end result highlights their family-run, caring working ethos.


web layout 0 - One2create January Monthly Round-Up



St Marys – Web Design, Copywriting, SEO
What a great start to the New Year, another launch. The St Marys Independent School website has undergone a complete transformation. Their new site is completely responsive and has had the full One2create treatment. Their on-going SEO means they’ll start to get some traction in the search engine results as well.


st marys web layout 0 - One2create January Monthly Round-Up


Top Banana – Web Design

Top Banana Mobile asked the One2create team to design them a brand new, fully responsive website that showcases their products and services. We’re so pleased with the end results; we’re almost tempted to add some of their products into our own cars!


In Progress


Warblington Group – Web Design, Branding, SEO & Copywriting
The entire One2create team are working closely with this project. As a specialist technical business consultant, the design team are making sure that their new website fully reflects the range of services they provide. We’ll be working closely with the Warblington Group in future with their on-going SEO package.



Couture Fabrics – Web Design, Branding & SEO
We do love to look at stunning images, and the new website for this couture fabric supplier doesn’t fail to disappoint. The design team are working their magic to create a website that fully represents their high-fashion products.



People Prospect Solutions – Web Design, Animation, Copywriting & SEO
The design stage of the new People Prospect Solution website is in full swing at the moment. Alongside this, the copywriting and keyword analysis is underway. This looks to be an exciting project, and we can’t wait to share the result with you in the coming months.



Fisher Maritime – Web Design, SEO & Branding
The web design has been finalised, the keyword analysis has been completed, and within a few short weeks we’ll be announcing that the new website has gone live for this international maritime consultancy. The next stage is going to be client testing, so we’ll keep you updated soon. We’re so excited for this site to go live!



HCS Safety – Web Design
The HCS Safety website is coming together. We’re still going through any design modifications, and soon we’ll be moving on to client testing. Keep your eyes peeling for our next update.



Ensign Press – eCommerce Website
We’re coming to the final stages of testing with Ensign Press’s new website, and the end results are looking great. Their new website fully compliments their range of services, and within the next few weeks we should be going live, we’ll keep you posted.



Scratch72 – eCommerce Website
We’re nearing the end of the game for Scratch72. All their products are currently being loaded onto their new site, and we’ll soon be moving into the client-testing stage of development.



BeeMyMinder – System Upgrade, App Creation
The One2create web developers are working their fingers off on the new BeeMyMinder system upgrade. As one of our long-standing clients, we love the prospect of giving their website an update.



New Business


Bahar Mouland – Web Design
As a Portsmouth-based artist, Bahar Mouland has asked the One2create team to create a one-page blog website that showcases the stunning pieces of art. As a creative bunch, we’re really looking forward to this project.



Repeat Business


Fourways Self Drive – Rich Media Content Marketing
One of our long-standing clients, Fourways Self Drive has taken on our Rich Media content marketing services. We’ll be creating brand new animations, conducting Twitter polls and designing new images for their social media.



So there we have it, the first One2Create Monthly Roundup for 2017. We hope you enjoyed, and remember, it’s still early in the New Year, so if you want a new website then get in touch with us here.


You can keep up to date with latest news and blog posts by finding One2create on Facebook, or on Twitter. We look forward to seeing you.


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