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Mar 30 2020

Join us to raise money for a key worker party!

When the news about the Coronavirus started to escalate, and we were advised to work from home, I knew that we would be able to run our business as usual. Working remotely was a small price to pay to ensure that my staff were safe and protected.


But during the past few days, I began to think about those working on the frontline, and how much they’d given up to help keep us all safe and protected. They’d sacrificed their well-being and their families’ safety to help us carry on as normally as possible.


In my eyes, it is those key workers that are the real heroes. NHS workers, education staff, delivery drivers, the much-needed supermarket teams and plenty of other professions.


I knew that there were plenty of fundraisers already doing great work to arrange funds for hot meals or equipment, but I wanted to help or show my gratitude too. I just didn’t know how to. But then it hit me….what would best show our appreciation? A massive party when this is all over to say thank you!


GoFundMe a key worker party


I knew we couldn’t do it on our own (as much as I would love to) so we decided to set up a GoFundMe page. I thought that if I’d been thinking about how to say thank you, other people might be too.


I’ve no idea how much we’re going to raise, or how on earth we’re going to be able to coordinate it all, but I wanted to get the gears in motion so that we could start driving momentum.


How can you help?


By donating, of course! Head to our Go Fund Me page to make your donation. If you include your social media accounts, we’ll make sure we give you a shout out!


Please also feel free to share our mission on your own social media platforms too, so that we can really get the word out. Use the hashtag #O2CKeyWorkerParty to get involved.


Meanwhile, if you would like to get involved with fundraising, or you’re a business that wants to offer support please get in touch with us, via email or call on 01489 232 312, After all, we are all in this together!

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