110 - O2C Newsletter - July 2013
Jul 09 2013

O2C Newsletter – July 2013

Ooopsies…I’m a few days late for this one, but you’ll soon find out why! Here’s a lowdown of what we’ve been up to in our sunny (yay!) converted barn near Fareham…


*And they call it puppy love…
So, the biggest and “bestest” news ever – we have an office puppy! His name is Dexter and he’s a little tiger-striped brindle boxer dog (12 weeks old now). He’s a bright little thing so has twisted our arm to do a “Pupdate” every month. Keep your eyes peeled! 😉


The Nadler & Base2stay Hotels
O2C generate orders through social media
We’ve been ridiculously busy with the team on this project – and what a hard working and great bunch of individuals they are! We’ve designed (and are currently building) an interactive blog, as well as created a new look & feel for all of the social media accounts and started our attack on the SEO project on all three of their websites. But we didn’t stop there…through our interaction on Twitter we’ve been bringing in orders too…there’s nothing like doing this in the first month of working with a client! 😉


Crea go-live & the messy photoshoot
We are pleased to announce that Crea’s website is now live! We’ve loved working on this project and we got to have loads of creative freedom, in order to develop the best marketing concepts for them. We ended up doing a VERYMESSY photoshoot for them in order to create their imagery. It was so much fun! The website is now up in all its glory and Crea absolutely love it! Oh and we also did some exhibition and print layout to boot.


Corporate PD Training go-live
As a long-standing client of ours, we jumped at the chance to create a brand-spanking-new website for them! We created a journey for the user in both the design and copywriting . Sticking with the corporate colours, we created a new web design to engage the user – making sure they understand the process when working with the company.


Perfect Day Productions’ hat trick!
This was a rather nice job that came through our attendance at The Business Show in London recently. Our feet may have been tired but apparently our smiles won the show… We are already far along into the project, with a brand created and approved, print designs and web designs all in progress. We’ll let you know when it’s ready for the world to see!


AutoIntegrate – our U.S. friends
We’ve been busy working on website designs and video ideas for this American fleet-industry company. We’ve had the opportunity to re-design their website and bring the business to life! We will also be creating a suite of information videos and a corporate animation. We look forward to showing you the results soon.


Carers of Epsom
We’ve done a “sterling” job so far for these lovely peeps (you see…that’s funny as it came from a recommendation from our client Sterling recruitment…get it?! Haha. oh). We’ve created them a website design to make a difference, taking into consideration (as we always do) the “call to action” points on the website in order to generate direct contact.


Arnold Clark
PR …now that’s something that we don’t often talk about! We carry out PR activities for Arnold Clark, amongst others, and have secured a magazine exclusive off the back of our “wordsmithery”!


GBS Corporate Training
So we were found through our website and upon meeting automatically fell in love with this great company! We’ve already had a great brainstorm day with them this week (hence the lateness of my update!), and are literally exploding with ideas! We will be carrying out marketing concepts and design, alongside a re-structured and re-energised web design to go with it, backed by SEO.


Anyway, I have the feeling that I have missed off something major here. You know when you get that feeling? Oh well, if I have it will have to wait till next time!


Enjoy the sun!

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