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Just like the rise of social media, the popularity for web videos and animations has skyrocketed in recent years. As a business, you need to stand out from your competitors. From our converted barn in Hampshire, we’re primed to help you do just that; whatever industry you specialise in.


Videos and animations don’t have to cost as much as Frozen or Shrek. We provide a cost-effective, straightforward and easy way to take your complicated idea and get it heard and understood. Creating an engaging, informative video or animation could win you that sale, and comes naturally to our motion graphics designers.


We can provide fun, creative animations and professional, corporate video production to reflect your business and suit your target audience. We’ll rock up with the latest production equipment (which we own) and methods (which we created) to produce high-quality visuals that will help snap customers up.


Not only is it current, it’s a cost-effective, simple way to introduce and explain your services to visitors.

Boosts your SEO

Increases website conversions

Delivers complex ideas and business messages clearly

Provides a high-quality, professional feel

It's persuasive and memorable

Brings your products to life and engages your audience


Number 1 with Paint Splatters


We’ll begin with a kickoff meeting and chat about your needs and objectives

Number 2 with Paint Splatters


We’ll chat about our process, from storyboarding, to script writing and voiceovers

Number 3 with Paint Splatters


We’ll discuss the shoot or animation, plus the equipment needed to complete your project. We use all of our own kit so you you don’t have to worry about expensive hire

Number 4 with Paint Splatters


Knowing more about you and your company, our experts will create a video or animation that’ll connect with your audience, giving them a taste of what your company’s all about

Number 5 with Paint Splatters


We don’t have to stop there. We can help you release and launch your project as well. Click for more information on our marketing services

We provide fantastic web video and animation production in Hampshire and across the UK. Create a buzz around your products and services and get in touch today.

  • Detector Testers – Testifire 2000
    In video & animation
    Detector Testers Testfire2000 - Detector Testers - Testifire 2000
  • Senseye
    In video & animation
    Senseye animation 01 - Senseye
  • BeeMyMinder
    In video & animation
    bee my minder animation - BeeMyMinder
Paint Splash from Left hand Side - Green and Blue


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