O2C Newsletter January 2016

It’s official, Christmas is over – sad face. The decs are down, the tree packed away and all that’s left are a few chocolates (but we’re sure they won’t last long). Second of all, happy New Year! We’re so excited for this and looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings.


We’ve seen the New Year in with lots of exciting projects and we’re busier than ever. Check out what we already have in store…




Tiny Toes


We’re very pleased to announce that Tiny Toes is now live! Shout out to everyone who worked on this project, I’m certain that pretty much all departments contributed to making this project a success. Take a look at it here.



Callidus Consulting


We’re pleased to say that the project with this client is now complete! We redesigned their website, making it responsive and they’ve also signed up for a full SEO package. The site also has an integrated job board functionality. We’re just waiting for it to go live and we’ll pop a link up for you to have a gander!


Gordon Yates


We have now completed this project for one of our oldest clients! We built a tool to streamline their temporary staff placement with a big client. Although this is complete, the tool will be going live a little bit later on in the year to coincide with their next required event.




We’re super pleased to show off our latest marketing for Arval. This time we provided print design and fulfillment for the space-themed campaign to wrap up the year. The campaign involved sending out cookie cutters for people to get involved, and post their pictures on Twitter to enter a competition. It has only just gone out, so we’re watching this space… pun definitely intended!





Cape Horn Engineering


We’ve been working with this client to give their website a complete refurb. It’s now in the final stages of testing and we hope to go live very soon. Keep your eyes peeled…


Molesey and Alpha Vets


The team are currently designing and building their new site, providing engaging, new copy to make them stand out from other competitors.


The marketing and competitor analysis and Alpha website design has been completed. As we speak, our wordsmiths are working their magic on the copy for the site.


For the marketing and competitor documents they received 40 pages for both… Of course, we did warn them to make a cuppa or perhaps something stronger before they sat down to read! After they waded through the detailed analysis we provided, we received some awesome feedback again!


‘Can I say that I am EXTREMELY impressed and pleased with both competitor/marketing reviews for Alpha and Molesey. The depth of analysis is unprecedented for us and I am extremely happy with both the findings and the recommendations. Thanks and congratulations to your very professional team!’


It’s so lovely to hear comments like this and we never, ever get bored of it! We’re really enjoying working with their team and look forward to seeing the finished products.


Business Process Management Solutions (BPMS)


We had an awesome kick-off meeting where we went into lots of depth about their background and what they want from the project. We have lots of wicked, creative ideas that we want to apply to the branding, which is the first step. After this, we’ll get well onto the web design and SEO. Exciting stuff!




Another great kick-off the first week back for this website and SEO client. Everyone’s super fired up for this project and we can’t wait to get cracking. It’s awesome to be working with them again.




Sail Training International


We’ve worked with this lovely client before. They host events around the world and we created
another set of brand guidelines for them to send out to various ports where they host. They needed them pronto, so we’ve actually already completed this. We are on firrrreeee!


Fleet Operations


Before Christmas, Fleet Operations approached us to create a short Christmas e-card to send to their clients. Our talented animators produced a unique, personal animation to suit their brand image. You can take a look at it in all its glory here.


As you can see we are absolutely chock-a-block, which is such an awesome way to kick-off 2016. Be sure to look out for any updates! Until next time…

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