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May 22 2023

National Writing Day: Copywriting in the Era of AI

This month sees us celebrate authors, poets, scriptwriters, journalists and, of course, copywriters with National Writing Day. It provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the reasons why people write, as well as inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to pick up their pens, pencils and laptops and have a go at writing.

However, with the recent media sensation surrounding Chat GPT and other automated writing platforms, you might be wondering what the future of copywriting looks like in the era of AI.

As AI technology advances, it’s becoming less of a question for businesses and organisations of ‘should we use AI?’ – and more of a question of how we can best integrate it. But, amid the conversation about using AI, there’s an important voice that often isn’t included: copywriters.

While machines may be able to generate content autonomously, copywriters still have an essential role in today’s world. From editing and amending AI-generated copy to creating the more traditional and trusted human-focused content that touches on emotion or adds subtlety, the future of copywriting and AI is complex.

In this blog, we’ll examine AI and explore why modern businesses must ensure they are leveraging everything they can from technology and humans to achieve the best possible results.


How AI is Revolutionising Copywriting


AI technology has made its presence felt with the ability to automate numerous tasks, providing enormous support to businesses. From generating SEO-friendly headlines and social media posts to providing consumer behaviour insights and improving content relevance, AI is revolutionising the business world.


However, software support has played a part in helping businesses of the past. Whether it was Microsoft’s ‘Clippy,’ the helpful paperclip, or spelling and grammar-checking software like Grammarly, the relationship between copywriting and AI has been long and nuanced.


With the help of AI-powered tools, businesses can create content in less time, leaving them to focus on other tasks. However, AI is just beginning its journey, and there is much scope for further innovation that will impact the future of copywriting and AI.


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Image Source: The Verge


Advantages of AI in Copywriting


As industries continue to evolve, businesses must stay ahead of the curve, and copywriting is no exception. As a business owner, it’s crucial that your website features compelling and engaging content that resonates with your target audience, something that AI can support with in many ways. We touched on these in a previous mini-blog, that covered the advantages or otherwise of using copy AI for your business.


From generating ideas for content to editing and fact-checking, it frees up valuable time, so employees can focus on what they do best – their job. But beyond assistance, AI can also benefit businesses. It can increase efficiency, save money and time, regulate content quality, and help target the right audience.


Limitations of AI in Copywriting


While it’s true that AI’s offerings are constantly increasing, it’s also important to recognise its limitations. Perhaps the most glaring limitation of AI is its lack of humanity as, despite its ability to automate certain tasks and generate copy quickly, AI lacks the creative instinct that humans have.


It can only do so much within the parameters programmed by developers, and it’s unable to react to unexpected complications or adaptations within a project. Further to this, copy produced by AI must be edited and appropriately optimised as, without this, it can often produce clunky, repetitive or overly verbose copy while lacking the frame of reference or intuition of a human writer.


While it’s likely that the future of copywriting and AI will integrate more automation as time goes on, it’s unlikely that human copywriters will become obsolete anytime soon.


How Marketing Agencies Work With AI


As a business owner, it’s likely that your interaction with AI Copywriting support will be an ‘arms-length’ kind of relationship. However, marketing agencies across the globe are engaging more and more with AI as a support tool for copywriters.


However, businesses can make the most of AI by using it to help them develop content ideas and concepts, which can then be handed over to a marketing agency to allow their copywriters to shape it into well-rounded and optimised content. This can help businesses and organisations resolve the ‘blank page’ syndrome that can often occur when trying to come up with an original topic or subject matter for articles, blogs and web pages.


By utilising AI, companies can hand over concise, well-researched ideas to their chosen marketing agency, increasing the turnaround speed of their desired content.


On the other hand, it’s crucial that, while understanding these advantages, we don’t come to over-rely on AI to produce copy. Partially this is due to the limitations mentioned above and partly because of the input of tech giants like Google. Responsible for 78% of all online search behaviour, Google has advised that unedited AI-generated content is likely to register as spam, and will fail to comply with their Webmaster Guidelines.


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