354 - How to write content that engages mobile users
Sep 28 2015

How to write content that engages mobile users

By now, you should have a responsive website, and if you haven’t, you need to contact us immediately! Google’s new algorithm and rules mean that if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could be losing an awful lot of users.


Writing content that engages someone using a mobile to read is different to copy that suits someone reading using a computer.


But why?


The way the eye scans the page through a laptop is different to a mobile. With a computer, the viewing pattern of users is that they mainly focus on the top left of the page, then read in a sort of F shaped pattern, rarely paying attention the right hand side of the page.


With mobiles, users tend to look directly at the centre of the screen, ignoring both the left and right sides. Mobile and computer users both tend to focus on the top two thirds of the page, so anything below this will probably be ignored too!


So how do I make it friendly for everyone?


We’d recommend using the following tips when it comes to designing and creating web content. What suits a mobile is quite specific, but this works well with all other devices too. Whereas, if you try to create content specifically for a computer, you’d lose all your tablet and mobile users!


Images, yay or nay?


As much as we love using images on social media, or on marketing literature, there is such a thing as too much. Mobile users also tend to look at images much more than text. So, unless images are important to your content, try to minimise the amount of images, so that users don’t get distracted!


But, this doesn’t mean ignore them completely, because without images, your content will look VERY boring and plain.


Be precise!


This is a rule for pretty much all web copy, regardless of the device it is viewed on, but make sure you always be precise. By this, I don’t mean write shorter content, I mean just be more precise with the words you use.


Shorten words such as can not and do not to can’t and don’t, this makes it more readable. Don’t be afraid to still create long content though, likewise, don’t feel like you just HAVE to lengthen your article.


Create content the exact length it needs to be, if you’re getting the message across precisely and effectively, then no one will mind how long it is!




Short paragraphs on mobile work really well. Big chunks of text on that tiny screen can be off-putting, so make sure you’re really keeping the paragraphs short. The paragraphs in this article are good examples of how long they should be to suit mobile content.


Short paragraphs work on all devices, so don’t be scared to start chopping blocks of copy in half!

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