o2c monthly roundup Feb2018 - One2create February 2018 monthly roundup
Feb 01 2018

One2create February 2018 monthly roundup

Welcome back to the very first monthly roundup of 2018 from the One2create team. How time flies when you’re a busy agency! We’re working on plenty of exciting projects at the moment, including web design, print work, content marketing and so much more.


So make sure you’re sitting comfortably, grab your hot drink and take a look at what we’ve been doing this month.




Tektraders – Web Design // Copywriting // SEO // Social Media


tektraders web 01 - One2create February 2018 monthly roundup


As a leading technology reseller, Tektraders asked the One2create team to design them a full brochure site to highlight their full range of services and products. Their current colour palette fully compliments their new website and their content has had a complete refresh thanks to the copywriting and SEO services they also received. Now the site is live, the social media and content team can work on promoting the company through the various platforms and informative blogs.


Take a look at the project here.



In Progress


Senseye – Web Design // Copywriting // SEO


We’re in the initial design stages of this project at the moment, but so far we’re really enjoying learning more about the technical aspects of the Senseye business. The copywriting services are soon going to start, as well as their SEO set-up. Make sure you check back next month for more updates.


Bloom Bloom – Web Design


As one of our long-standing clients, Bloom Bloom Florists are getting a full website facelift, courtesy of our web designers. Their new site will be fully responsive, and we’ll also be completing a keyword analysis and copy optimisation as part of their continued SEO strategy.


ReEnergise – Web Design // SEO


Leading energy consultancy, ReEnergise has tasked us with creating them a new website, complete with keyword analysis and copyediting. We’re in the initial stages of the project at the moment, but we can’t wait to get our teeth into the work.


The Boleh Trust – Web Design


The design work for The Boleh Trust’s new website is well on the way, and we can’t wait to see the final results. Our web designers are currently working closely with the team to enhance their existing content, whilst ensuring that the valuable work this client do is portrayed throughout their new site.



New Business


Animal Medical Centre – Web Design // SEO


One of our newest clients, the Animal Medical Centre have signed up for the complete One2create treatment. We’ll be creating them a brand new responsive website to fully complement their unique services. At the same time, we’ll be undertaking a full SEO analysis as part of their on-going marketing package.



Repeat Business


sgfleet – Marketing


Our content marketing team will be completing a presentation for vehicle leasing company sgfleet. This project involves designing a scrolling banner welcome screen for their offices, which will be seen by every visitor to their buildings. We’ve worked closely with sgfleet on their marketing for a while now, so it’s great to provide them with even more creative products.


ACER – Print Design


Thanks to the success of the ELMS work we completed for this ACER, they asked our designers to create a printed booklet for an exhibition they were attending. The finalised booklet was such a success that we had to hurry another reprint to London; their propspects just couldn’t get enough.


KFA Connect – Exhibition Support // Print Design


Another one of our long-standing clients, KFA Connect has asked our design team to create them some exhibition collateral and a marketing stand for their upcoming networking event. We do love to see our work in physical form, and we can’t wait to get started.


Company Updates


Co-founder of One2create and Queen of all things design, Rosie is back from her maternity leave. True to form, we haven’t given her a chance to catch her breath before getting her involved in plenty of our most recent projects. Welcome back Rosie!



So there we have it, the end of another monthly roundup from One2create. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the work we’ve been getting up to, and if you’ve got some inspiration for your own project, then why not get in touch with us?


Remember, you can keep up to date with all the latest news, blogs and insights from the web design world on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We look forward to seeing you there 😉

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