215 - Exhibiting? Scream and shout about it!
Aug 11 2014

Exhibiting? Scream and shout about it!

So you’ve booked your event, and you’ve followed my top 10 tips on how to get ready for it, (or at least, you should have!) but the months, weeks and days leading up to the event are just as important.


Here’s what you can do to increase awareness of the event and let people know that you are going to be there…


Maximise your presence and invite people


Do this by sending out mailers, newsletters and press releases stating that you are at the event and invite people to come. You can invite clients, business partners, possible prospects and so forth.


Share, interact, and engage


Find the exhibition or venue’s social media pages and share their posts on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. This shows you are engaged and interested with the event and helps spread awareness to your followers. Remember to use any designated hashtags (#) to ensure you’re part of the conversation.


Take a look at the other businesses that will be at the show and find their social pages, interact and try build relationships with them, you never know, you may end up working with together!




Consider creating a competition to entice people to come to the event. You could arrange to announce the winner on the day or maybe you can give prizes away at the stand. If you do this right, you can use it as a data capture technique, and gather loads of emails or telephone numbers for your business.




Think about any offers or discounts for people you meet there. For example, you could offer 10% off to people who sign up or purchase your goods on the day as an extra incentive.




Do you have any interesting merchandise to give away? Post photos on social media (and tag the official exhibition pages) to show people what you are offering to try and encourage them to come.


Plan your elevator pitch


If you only had one journey in an elevator to sell your service or product, what would you say? Think about this and create a killer sales pitch incorporating yourUSPs and what you can offer these particular people. Think about the 3 second rule – in 3 seconds a visitor to your stand wants to know who you are, what you do and why they should use you.


If you want to exhibit at events but are daunted by the prospect, contact us today for our exhibition stand design and support!

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