223 - Are you ready for your exhibition?
Sep 16 2014

Are you ready for your exhibition?

So you’ve fully prepped, you have contacted people and invited them to the event to visit your stand so what do you do next?


Here are some of my tips for ensuring you are fully ready for the madness that’s about to begin!


Big breakfast (the best bit!)


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this rings even more true when it comes to eating before an exhibition. Ensure you have a filling breakfast with loads of foods that will give you long last energy that will keep you going throughout the day.


Motivate the team


Exhibiting can be tough, it can be really exhausting so make sure you all work together as a team and help keep each other going. Motivate each other, provide incentives or have mini competitions to see who can make the most sales! Teamwork is key to success!


Name badge


Collect your name badge from the front desk/reception, and be sure you are wearing it all day. If the event doesn’t provide this, make your own. A name badge helps people remember your name and it’s easier to introduce yourself too.


Business cards


I know we keep mentioning it, but remembering your business cards is SUPERcrucial. Always take loads too, you’ll be surprised with how quickly you’ll shift them!


Comfy and smart shoes/clothes


You will be on your feet all day so make sure you are wearing shoes which aren’t going to encourage you to want to sit down! You also want to look presentable so make sure you are wearing smart, professional and comfy clothes.




Water, coffee, Redbull, Coca Cola, whatever your choice of refreshment, ensure you have plenty of it. It needs to keep you energised throughout the day!




A great alternative for chewing gum, mints will help throughout the day. Don’t give anyone a reason to not want to talk to you!


Smile, engage and interact


Everyone wants to talk to someone who cracks a lovely smile! Smile at people just passing your stand, even if it’s the last thing you want to do. Once someone comes over, speak to them, engage with them and communicate effectively and with clarity. Give people a reason to remember you!


Enjoy it!


Last, but definitely not least, enjoy it. Exhibiting may be hard work, but the benefits and rewards you get from it trump any feet pain you may experience! Have a good time and no one is stopping you from treating yourself to a large glass of wine at the end of the day!

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Charlie Parker

Charlie is our Motion Graphics Designer who loves anything and everything creative! When she’s not busy making our clients’ animations; she’s creating posts showcase our latest animations, giving you insights into the industry and the One2create world.

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