228 - 30 Day Challenge - Office Makeover
Oct 09 2014

30 Day Challenge – Office Makeover

Last time we challenged ourselves in 30 days, we designed and built ourselves a brand new company website in preparation for attending the London Business Show. You can read all about that madness here.


This time we are doing an office makeover to clean out our working environment and client areas!


We organised closing the studio on Friday 3rd and Monday 6th of October with a view to finishing things off over the remainder of the 30 day time frame.


You can follow our journey on our blog, so make sure you come back to check out how well (or not), we are doing!




In true 30 day challenge spirit, it wouldn’t have been a brainstorming meeting without a breakfast takeaway from Lily’s in Wickham. These are seriously amazing breakfast sandwiches so brainstorm or not, we would highly recommend!



To cut a long brainstorm short, we decided that as there is so much to do, the best starting point would be to clear out all of our clutter and repaint in a light shade of grey. I wasn’t so sure about the grey…


The office clutter seemed endless, and it took us pretty much all day, but it felt really good to get rid of things we no longer needed and clear some space for storage.



Several trips to the tip and a Nando’s lunch later the office looked brighter and a whole lot cleaner, so we sent our achy selves home!




(Yes the weekends act as days too and we didn’t work)


After a quick trip to B&Q we painted some test spots on the walls. We settled for B&Q’s own Light Rain and, I stand corrected, because it actually looked really nice.


We’ve also decided to paint a feature wall in a much darker shade of grey as well as setting up a brainstorming area in one corner of the office. Our brainstorm area will have whiteboard or blackboard paint on the walls, meaning we can quite literally write on the walls (everyone’s looking forward to that bit!)


It was slow going in the morning, putting masking tape on all of the nooks and crannies and delegating jobs. We decided to just focus on the client and reception areas, as we weren’t going to get the whole studio painted in one day. To make matters worse, I had to head home to meet the plumber due to the water tank leaking!


When I arrived back to the office (after another drop at the tip) the painting was in full swing and it was looking really good. Half of us were cutting in, the other half using the rollers, proper teamwork!



As you can see, some of the team were keen to get some overalls on!


I left again to see the plumber off, and when I returned an hour later, the plan had been changed…. Almost all of the walls of the studio had their first coat of paint (I’m still not sure how the team managed it!)


So we cracked on for the rest of the day and bar a bit of cutting in, everywhere is ready for the second coat! We decided that for the rest of the week, everyone could just lift the dust sheets of their desks and crack on with work…. until we find a bit more time to finish it off.

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