90 - The One2create Website Challenge
May 01 2014

The One2create Website Challenge

We are always up for a challenge here at One2create, although we are usually pulling rabbits out of the hat for our customers rather than ourselves.


As a busy agency we hardly ever get a chance to look at our own website and as a result, the current website is looking pretty tired and in no way reflects our capabilities, let alone our creativity.




Redesign, build and deploy a fully responsive, parallax website in 4 weeks without impacting our clients or the project plan!


Why 4 weeks? Well we are exhibiting at The Business Show in London on 15th/16th May, so why not put the pressure on and get our new online brand ready in time for this awesome event (the set-up is on 14th May, Rosie’s birthday!)


Things started moving on April 14th with an internal kick-off meeting and we were off. I did plan to blog from the start, but as you can imagine, we’ve been so busy on a project that would normally take 2+ months!




As of today, we have developed our new online brand and designed all of the inner pages of the new website. How did we do this with our client project plan bursting at the seams?! Well Rosie just didn’t really sleep for about 10 days. No seriously she didn’t sleep!


Our construction team is always booked solid, so Dave Foster and I have been slowly building the HTML for the super-dooper new website. Its been, well, emotional!


Elly did a full SEO review and keyword analysis at the end of last week and now Elli is writing the content so it’s all go go go from here!




The next steps are to get the HTML finished, compliance tested and SEO audited before I start populating the content of the portfolio, which is going to take ages.


Left to do:

1. Finish HTML
2. Finish Content
3. Populate the Site
4. Beta test it
5. Final snag list
6. Final testing
7. SEO deployment strategy
8. Deploy to live


Work days left till we leave for London




…watch this space!

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Dave H

As our MD, David finds inspiration from running a busy agency. His SEO and content marketing tips, business-savvy suggestions on keeping your company moving forward and industry expertise will give you that helping hand when it comes to making the most of your time.

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