new twitter layout - Twitter releases sneak peek of new layout
Jan 16 2019

Twitter releases sneak peek of new layout

Over the last week or so Twitter has been rolling out invitations to a sample of users, offering a sneak peek at the new Twitter layout for desktop. Curiosity got the better of us so we investigated.


The new layout promises a whole host of new features, but the most notable was that the side navigation moved from the left to the right, which in their words was to ‘reflect the look and feel of our iOS and Android apps’.


Twitter releases sneak peek of new layout


The homepage is simplified and you’ll now find ‘who to follow’, ‘trends’ and a Tweet button that scrolls with you, making it easier to compose a message. The full menu options slide in from the right when you click your profile button, rather than the previous drop down.


Twitter releases sneak peek of new layout


The profile page has had a rejig too, with the banner/cover image reduced in size and an image grid to the right.


Twitter releases sneak peek of new layout


All in all it’s a pretty neat update, and it certainly does it’s job of bringing together a look and feel of the mobile version, simplifying it at the same time. Big thumbs up from us!


What do you think? Have you checked out the change yet? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us.

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EC 150x150 - Twitter releases sneak peek of new layout
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  • Kimberley

    I hate the update! The whole reason I liked Twitter on desktop and mobile was that there was a distinct difference between the two and they both worked absolutely fine for that device. Now the new desktop version is like a worse version of the app except bigger – not a fan at all!

    4th February 2019 at 1:08 pm

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