162 - Top 10 tips for social media 2014
Jan 06 2014

Top 10 tips for social media 2014

With 06 constantly evolving, new strategies are always necessary. Here are our top tips for social media over 2014.


1.Get visual


From our experience, tweets and posts online that have images or videos get loads of engagement. It’s no surprise really, with the rise of popular social video sharing app Vine and also the new ability to video on Instagram. Twitter has also joined the visual party by showing a preview of your image in your message, tempting followers to click. This means people are more keen than ever to share this type of content.


2.Shake it up a bit


Loads of companies and businesses are guilty of posting the exact same content across all platforms, when in fact it really needs to be different. Each platform needs tailored and unique content. What works on Twitter, doesn’t necessarily work on Facebook.




Pinterest is becoming a very well established social media platform, linking back to tip 1, it’s a pretty swell idea to get on board with this. Essentially it is an image sharing and storing platform that can provide great benefits for businesses with a product or image to sell.


4.Use your customer’s content


User generated content is going to really hit the big time in 2014. So many brands are connecting with their customers on social media, it makes sense for them to use content created by them. This could be images, articles and reviews, even just retweeting a customer or client is a great way to engage in conversation – which is another big trend for 2014.


5.Be relevant


Social media has changed so much that now users are posting content relevant to their friends and followers, even on personal accounts. It’s not so much ‘I’m doing this today’ but instead ‘what do you all think of this?’ Post content that’s relevant and not boring for people (you may have loved your dinner, but others may not!)




Posting helpful tips and insight can be really useful for your customers, contacts and prospects. Write interesting blog articles, post links, provide information and resources that your followers will find useful. Establishing yourselves as industry experts can only be a good thing!


7.Politeness never hurt


Responding quickly to people, even if you don’t have the answer right away, can really help as it helps boost customer service and loyalty. Apologise if it has taken a while to reply to them and if need be, remember to say thank you!


8.Have a personality


Long gone are the days of completely corporate speak, instead show off your company’s personality a bit. Social media means people can be friendly and you can still be professional while showing character. Plus, people like to know they are talking to a person and not just a computer.


9. Google+

The amount of monthly visitors to Google+ ranks second to Facebook, but still not many companies or people are using it. There are so many benefits to using Google+ including the massive boost it provides to Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), so getting to grips with the social network over 2014 would definitely be a winner.


10. Utilise it fully


All social media sites have tools and features that can help you to plan your social media strategy. From Hootsuite to TweetDeck, Sprout Social to Mention, these tools can provide in-depth reporting to see how your posts have performed. Advertising and promoting your posts are also great way to get your message out to untapped audiences, so be sure to take full advantage!


So there you have it, ten tips that can help you and your business succeed onsocial media, so get immersed in the social world and reap the benefits.


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