40 - Top 10 Tips For Photoshop Beginners - 3
Mar 28 2012

Top 10 Tips For Photoshop Beginners – 3



Tip three is a quick one, ALWAYS WORK ON A COPY! You can’t imagine the amount of issues this causes whilst using Photoshop. When making destructive changes to an image the first thing you should be doing is making a copy.


Remember the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + J (only use this if you don’t currently have an active selection), or go to Layer> Duplicate Layer, or right click the layer and select the same option. Always make changes to this copy layer, never the original.


This is so that you always have a version of the original, and don’t find yourself with too few history states to get back to it. You can then edit destructively to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that your image can always be retrieved, should you go too far.


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EC 150x150 - Top 10 Tips For Photoshop Beginners - 3
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