330 - Survive information overload with these top tips!
Jul 24 2015

Survive information overload with these top tips!

I’m sure you’ve been familiar with the term, information overload. This is when your brain is trying deal with more information than it’s able to process and trying to understand is just too much to handle. It can be stressful, often making people feel unaccomplished and overwhelmed, which can then totally put you off doing anything completely.


So rather than letting it get you down, here are a few ways that can help you deal with information overload efficiently!


1. Get organised


As soon as you get to work write down everything you need to do that day. You can refer to this when necessary and ensure you don’t forget about anything important. You can prioritise your to-dos; this will help you refrain from getting distracted and going off track. Doing things in a methodical way will be far more efficient, rather than going between different tasks every five minutes.


2. Avoid multitasking


How often do you find yourself flipping between checking and answering emails while writing a proposal, or reading over proposals in a meeting? We think this is multitasking, but really we’re just shifting our attention from one task to another, rapidly and for short periods of time. Help your brain out a bit; concentrate on one thing at a time, it will be far more effective working on a task with sustained attention.


3. Make all your decisions in bright and early


This is a must for those who struggle with the slightest decision-making, like choosing what to have for lunch… (that’s not me or anything). We start the day with full power, but as the day goes on, every decision, however trivial, eats up a bit of our glucose. So, let’s start making important decisions right at the beginning of the day. Also, another little tip, get all of the least enjoyable tasks out of the way, so you can progress with the thought of doing the more favourable ones!


4. Take a break!


Although it may seem impossible to take a break with the stacks of work you have, it really will help you deal with information overload. People who take a 15-minute break every few hours are often more efficient. You’ll find yourself making less mistakes and your day will run a lot more stress-free. Taking breaks gives you that little bit of time to get it together and lets your brain have a rest!


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