317 - Reasons Why You Should Show Your Funny Side On Social Media
Jun 29 2015

Reasons Why You Should Show Your Funny Side On Social Media

Laughter is a form of communication that bridges the gap between a range of cultures, languages and demographics. When something gives you a few laughs, it tends to go viral, which can really help with promoting your brand and increasing your followers/likes.


Here are a few advantages to having a good crack with your social media posts!


Funny content spreads like wild fire


For those who haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably been sent or seen a meme, video and witty hashtags all over social media. When you hear or see something funny, your immediate reaction is to share it with someone else, be that a friend, colleague or family member. Share it with the Internet and it goes viral!


Knowing that humour spreads, it makes sense to incorporate it into your social media strategy. Depending on your industry and taking into account your target audience, popping in the odd funny post will do you some good.


It triggers an emotional response


Humour creates a positive, happy reaction, relieves stress and just generally makes us feel good! Creating an emotional response will build stronger ties with your audience and they’ll keep checking back for more of your effortless funnies.


By using humour on your social media your brand will be associated with good vibes and happy feelings. And lets face it, we could all do with a bit of that!


People will remember your brand


How many times do you begin recalling a funny memory with ‘remember when’? The key is to make your followers remember you.


We recall all of the funny memories and with all the drama in the world, people want something light-hearted to read on their break. Well, I do anyway. Nobody stops and remembers a dull Facebook post or video, but we all recall the thug life day-to-day references…


By making your audience feel good through funny content, you’re helping them to remember your brand!


Creates stronger ties with your audience


Apart from laughter easing sadness, boredom and all the bad feels, it creates unity. If something’s funny you want to know what the crack is and this forms a general interest amongst a range of people and demographics.


By making your audience laugh, you’re helping to build a strong connection between them and your brand. As the saying goes, you get out what you put in and by giving your followers a giggle you’ll increase your chances of engagement.


Humour doesn’t come naturally to everyone and it may not even be the suitable approach for your brand, but it’s always worth a try. With social media you can test the water and if it doesn’t work you can always go back to the drawing board and find the right tone for you and your audience.


If humour and social media aren’t your strong points, you’re in luck because we’re gifted in both 😉 give us a call!

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