110 - O2C Newsletter - October 2013
Oct 01 2013

O2C Newsletter – October 2013

This month we’ve finally accepted that summer has well and truly left the building (although we did try to prolong it as long as possible)! The hot water bottles and slippers are slowly making their way back out of the cupboards, but that hasn’t stopped us from being busy busy busy in the office!




Vivate Recruitment


Vivate Recruitment approached us asking for branding and a responsive website. We had great fun designing some logos and they have already selected one, along with a colour palette. They seem to be really pleased with it all!


Now we are working on the responsive web design, this will involve integration of some super cool recruitment software and we are all looking forward to the launch soon!




Findme4u are a great team of young professionals with a fantastic new business idea. We met them at the Business Show London and they required a marketing strategy and SEO. Having had the kick-off meeting yesterday, we are already full to the brim of ideas and will be carrying out an in-depth discovery into their business proposition in order to formulate a marketing plan for them. With their hunger for success and our drive to deliver results through ROI (Return on investment) it’s sure to be a winning strategy! 😉


Phil Curl Accountants


Phil Curl Accountants commissioned us to design and build their very first website. Having been in the industry for quite some time, they wanted their site to be clean looking and easy to navigate. We have completed the designs and we are just waiting for approval to get ready to build!


SEO (search engine optimisation) has been a priority for this project, so our Marketing team has been hands-on since the first meeting. We will continue to carry out SEO activities for them after the site has launched so they stay at the top of search engines.






Alongside their branding and website (which is due to go live very soon), 12 College Place have now asked us to create some expo artwork for them! We will be utilising the new brand identity that we have created for them, making sure that their key messages are loud and clear for all to see.




Having already designed their website and business cards, the lovely people at Wheatsheaf have come back for more! This time they have asked us to design some letterheads and compliment slips for all of their offices – making sure that their brand is consistent throughout. These will be printed through our network of suppliers to make sure we get the best price, and will be hand-checked by us before they are delivered to the offices for use.






We have really enjoyed working with the team at Owow and having carried out the design phase, it is now with them for review. This e-commerce shop will include the integration of product personalisation software to help sell their rather unusual but oh, so tasty delights! Nom Nom.




GBS absolutely love their new website design! We are now in the process of producing an interactive PDF so they can click throughout the design to navigate their way through the site and see how it all works! This site required lots of pages, so we’ve had the chance to get pretty creative with the user journey. When we get full approval for them we will move into the construction phase of the project – then it’s off to the testing factory (AKA the marketing team)!


The Nadler/base2stay


The brand new blog CityScape will be going live very soon. We’ve designed and written the content for the blog and we will continue to manage it going forward, producing regular blog pieces for the hotel chain. Based on the fact that we continue to roll out our ongoing SEO strategy and manage all of their social media interactions too, there is so much to say but too little time!






After a fair amount of hard graft, MyUni has now gone live! We have also had their business cards delivered and they look super awesome. We are really pleased with the outcome for them and are excited about the future of this company.




Dexter hasn’t been able to come to the office too much this month. The sheep are now out in the fields and a Boxer + sheep = not great news!


Nonetheless this month Dexter has been learning how to use the dog flap. He’s struggled a little as he has only wanted to come to me, so I was running around the house to be at each side of the door! He’s getting the gist now and thinks it’s all rather magical (until it bops him on the bum on the way out).


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