110 - O2C Newsletter - July 2014
Jul 03 2014

O2C Newsletter – July 2014

The resonating sound around the office this week has been “is it really July already?” This year has flown by so far! Anyway, here’s what is going on in the Hampshire countryside this month..




As you know, we recently launched our new website (what do you think?). One thing to remember is that websites need to be maintained, even after they have gone live, so we’ve been continuously researching, reviewing and optimising our website (for SEO) to make it the best it can be! We’ve also been doing some behind the scenes experiments on our site to help make our services even better for our clients.


Another exciting thing we can tell you about is an event we are exhibiting at in September! From 23rd-25th September we will be at LAW2014, it’s the largest event in the UK legal calendar and we’re really looking forward to meeting some professionals and hopefully winning some awesome new business!




The Little Shipmates Family


We’ve written the copy for this responsive nursery website which is now over with them to review. The next step is to work on some design tweaks adding some more personality and an element of fun into the designs. All is going well and we can’t wait to add this one to our portfolio!


EDC Electrical


This website is so close to going live we can smell it! The site has been built and we’re just on the final amends. We’ve had some great feedback so can’t wait to show you this one.


Pure Latitude


We’ve completed the designs on this responsive sailing website and have arranged a meeting with them to go through and review everything. We’re going to tackle the SEO side of things in the same meeting so we can coordinate everything together.


The Nadler Hotel Group


We went up to London to meet The Nadler last week and discussed the next steps and ongoing strategy for the next year. We’ve helped generate a staggering amount of revenue for this hotel chain through the use of social media and SEO and we’re sure these results will continue!




P3M Global


Following a project we worked on for one of P3M Global’s blue chip telecommunication clients, we were asked to help carry their new brand forward. It’s now our job to jazz up their internal and external marketing and sales collateral. We met with the team recently and it’s so great to work with a passionate and driven team.


Charmol Interiors


Having previously designed and developed their website, Charmol Interiors asked us to perform a refresh. Since go-live they have worked on a tonne of cool projects that they want to add into their site. We’ve also been working with them to optimise their site for search engine results, so once the refresh is live their website will be generating leads in no time!




Impact Sales Recruitment


We couldn’t wait to get this one live so it’s really cool to see it up and running! This cool recruitment company desired a responsive website that stood out from the crowd and having a vivid, striking brand really helped. They were super impressed with the website, so why don’t you check it out here.



CJH Cleaning Services


Another website went live this month, CJH Cleaning Services. They were really happy with their designs and we’re looking forward to working our SEO magic on this one over the coming months! Check out the website here.





Virtua’s website refresh means extra functionalities throughout such as updating how people can search for team members and additional pages for their new mascot! Check out the website here.


GBS Corporate Training


This one is super hot off the press and boy does it feel good! GBS Corporate Training provide a lot of courses so the website has been designed around ease of use, while giving the company an updated look and feel. We’ve worked really close with the team and had lots of brainstorms with them. We’re all really happy with the website and are looking forward to working on their SEO. Take a peek here.



So, that’s it for this month, until next time, have a great July, hopefully it stays warm and sunny!

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