110 - O2C Newsletter - August 2013
Aug 15 2013

O2C Newsletter – August 2013

So… slapped wrists indeed as I write the next update about 2 weeks late! I guess that is what calendars are for! 😉


We can’t believe we are in August already! Before you know it, it will be Christmas… we best start writing our list for Santa!


Here’s what we’ve been up to (I would suggest getting a nice cup of tea or coffee as this is a long one!).




We are pleased to welcome a raft of businesses into the fold – it is always nice to see new faces!


Gift Décor, masters in personalised products, are already in the throws of being built having approved our design. The new e-commerce what they were after!


oWow Chocolates (which may I add are AMAZING – you have to try them) has asked us to carry out our own magnificent creation by designing them their first website. We have needed some of their treats to fuel us, obviously – I think they should move in permanently!


We are in the final throws of carrying out a website discovery phase Cloudmore, so that we can design them a new website to attract the masses. This is a very interesting project so we look forward to sharing more with you as we progress!


Although new to One2create, Myuni have already signed off their new logo design and website – its now time to build it in all it’s glory in time for their deadline in September. Go go go!


We also welcome Baulthaup into the mix. They have commissioned us to carry out their ongoing Search Engine Optimisation strategy. We had a great kick-off meeting with them this week so we are raring to go, with lots on our to-do list.




People just cant stay away…just the way we like it (I think the office dog helps!).


Our wonderful neighbours, Anya Bridal, are already expanding their operations having had their current website with SEO up for a wee while. We have been asked to build them another website for their new shop (shhh I better not tell you any more until its done, just in case it is a secret).


Off the strength of our current marketing concept work for Arval, we have also been commissioned to carry out other concept work for a different arm of Arval – its so much fun! There are lots of ideas to get carried away with in our brainstorming meetings (usually fuelled with some sort of sugary treat to keep us going).


Gosh, this is a long update… wished you got yourself a cup of tea now? But what about Dexter’s PupDate? You will want to hear that won’t you? Here you go then…




GBS Corporate Training asked us to carry out Marketing Concepts and web design. They have picked from a selection of ideas and visuals, and after much deliberation (well…we weren’t going to make it easy on them) they have chosen the concept that they want us to echo across their web design. We are now busy putting the ideas into practice and are designing them a rather eye-catching website!


Marla Custom Blinds have now received the print and exhibition stand design work we did for the New Forest Show. Not that we are stalkers or anything, but there are some nice pics on their twitter page if you want to see our handy work on the marquee and pop-ups!


To top Marla’s needs, we have also been busy providing printing services to our pals over at Direct First Aid and created some rather stunning (if we do say so ourselves) stationery and exhibition collateral for Perfect Day Productions, whose site went live last month. Also on that note, they made a sale from the website THE FIRST WEEK OF GOING LIVE! That says something doesn’t it!


We are also in the very final stages of our marketing concept for Arval. They are really pleased with how we have managed the project and love what we came up with. We can’t wait to show it to you!




Last month we saw Milton Keynes based Perfect Day Productions website fly off to a fantastic start with its first sale within the first week (ooops did I already mention that?!). We also did their Social Media Branding, including YouTube – so they are now more visible than ever!


Corporate PD , a long time customer of ours, went live with their website, too. This was created to show the journey of the process by which they operate, with stunning imagery to boot. Have a look for yourself!


Bloom Bloom , now also has a brand spanking new website for all to see. The new website features a gallery for all of their wonderful floral creations and a blog, to name but a few.


Our portfolio will be updated soon to show Corporate PD and Perfect Day Productions in all of their glory!




Dexter the boxer puppy has been getting comfy in his home away from home. He loves being in the office (and we all love it too!). He has his toys, a bed that matches the reception furniture, and lots of land to go for a run about. He has also been on the hunt for pens and pencils under desks. This comes in very handy whenever you are in need of one. What’s more, everyone that comes to the office, including our wonderful clients, have completely fallen in love with him! I’m not surprised though…look at him (poser)!


So a little word from Dexter:
“Shnarf Shnarf, ry rame is rexter. I rove mud. Woof.”


A boy of few words… but I’ll leave you with that!

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