182 - New Twitter profile layout changes April 2014
Apr 11 2014

New Twitter profile layout changes April 2014

Twitter’s latest switch around has some great benefits that many businesses can take advantage of. It’s currently being released to new users, but will be rolled out to all over the next few weeks.


I’ve detailed below what’s new, and also provided a few tips to help you think about best ways to use it to your advantage. If you need would like a little expert help, please feel free to contact us.




In the words of the big bad wolf…. “it’s all the better to see you with”. A larger profile picture will show off your company logo or photo.


Tip: Perhaps think about creating a bespoke social media icon. One2create’s logo is horizontal so doesn’t lend itself well to the usual square dimensions. We recreated ours so it is easier to recognise in social platforms.




Yes, it makes it look more like Facebook, and yes you may need to do some re-design work, but it will allow users to see more of your branding. The current background can sometimes be hidden, depending on what screen resolution a user has.


Tip: Make use of this space and display your core company message or your products and services, as well as your contact details.





Tweets that receive the most engagement (retweets, mentions, clicks etc) will appear slightly larger, so that they stand out amongst the rest.


Tip: Use this to shape your strategy. It will show what type of posts generates the most engagement, so replicate this to continue your success.




You now have the ability to pin an important Tweet to the top of your page. Again, slightly Facebooky, but a good function to have all the same.


Tip: Use this to advertise an offer or important news. You could post inspirational quotes each month to shake things up.




You can now choose which timeline you want to view when viewing other profiles. You can select from Tweets, Tweets with photos/video or Tweets and replies.


Tip: Why not check out the competition and see what they’re up to. You could also see which posts have the most engagement via the Best Tweets function detailed above.


I think the new changes look good and will allow businesses to show off a lot more, plus really take control of their strategy. What are your thoughts? Why not comment below to carry on the conversation.

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EC 150x150 - New Twitter profile layout changes April 2014
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