156 - Is the Google Hummingbird Algorithm getting a November 2013 update?
Nov 08 2013

Is the Google Hummingbird Algorithm getting a November 2013 update?

There are rumblings in the SEO community that Google has been slowly updating its algorithm with people quoting dramatic drops in traffic as of the 1st of November 2013.


The biggest impact seems to have been between 1st and 5th of November with some people stating drops in traffic by as much as 30%.


We have noticed slight reductions in website traffic since the start of November, thankfully nowhere near the levels being cited by some, along with some keyword ranking shifts in both directions.


Could this be a Google Algorithm adjustment? It is quite possible as continuous adjustments are a fact of life in SEO, and while it’s important to take note of shifts in traffic to your website, a weeks worth of data isn’t really enough to adjust your SEO strategy.


Google is striving to move away from being a search engine to become a trust engine. To do this, it needs to provide the best possible search experience for its customers. This can only be achieved by delivering the most relevant results to every search query that it receives.


No small task when you consider how many people try to game the system every day and trick their way to the top of the search with black hat SEO techniques.


Google is yet to announce anything, but again this is not unusual either. The Hummingbird Algorithm had been running for about a month before it was officially unveiled to the public.


Only Google know the answer and the rest of us just have to wait, watch and see.


If you’re a bit confused by what SEO is, check out our blog article explaining it all!

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