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Jun 21 2016

Increase Readership on your Website

Do you want to increase readership on your blog? You might think that you can hit Publish and the readers will start flooding in right? Wrong. It takes work to increase the readership on your blog. But don’t worry; all is not lost. We’ve pulled together our top tips just for you.


To Increase Readership, Encourage Interaction

You need to encourage interaction on your blog. In blogging and marketing, this is called creating a “Call to Action”.


Creating a Call to Action is one of the main ways in which bloggers and businesses increase the readership of their blog.


Are you going to be making a collage of pictures for your followers and readers to take a look over, or are you going to be asking their opinion on a specific subject.


If you’re publishing images, then think about saying: “If you love this picture as much as I do, then share it on Pinterest so others can enjoy”. If you’re asking their opinion then maybe ask them to leave a comment below explaining what they think and why.


Share your Experiences

Sharing your own experiences can be an easy way to endear you to your readers, whilst still increasing the readership of your website as a whole.


If you can show your current (and potentially new) readers that you’re a real person, they begin to create a voice for you when they read.


Don’t just share your own experiences that work, this can seem a bit “braggy”. Think about sharing your own bad experiences as well.


You just need to say what you learnt from the experience, and ask if this has happened to anyone else in the past, and how/what they learnt when it was over.


Reply, Acknowledge, Congratulate

If one of your readers leaves a comment and shares their own experiences, then you need to reply, acknowledge and congratulate.


Replying and acknowledging their comment again shows you’re a real person, not just another anonymous blogger on the Internet.


If they’ve overcome a problem, then congratulate them (not in a patronising way) and encourage others to learn from the lessons already provided.


So there you have it, a few pointers in increasing the readership of your blog or website. You have to interact with your readers, and make sure that you’re providing useful content for them to enjoy.


Let your readers know that you’re listening, and that you appreciate their involvement in your blog, and they’ll keep coming back for more. If you’ve got your own advice or experience with increasing your own website traffic, then we’d love to hear from you.

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