333 - Top Tips for Easily Improving Teamwork
Aug 03 2015

Top Tips for Easily Improving Teamwork

Working in a busy, creative environment, we get the chance to work together a lot. It’s not often (if ever) that a team member has an individual project to complete, as we know the benefits of teamwork, and use it to our advantage every day.


Whether you are a manager, team leader or just wanting to revive your own teamwork, we’ve gathered some great ways to ensure that you excel when working with a group.


Think you can lead? Do it!


Every team needs a leader that is proactive and willing. If you think that you’re the person for the job, then offer to do it! Never be afraid to step up to the challenge and show off what you are capable of. Having someone as a dedicated leader improves teamwork by encouraging people to reach goals or outcomes.


Make everyone feel valued


There’s nothing worse than being in a team and being made to feel unappreciated. Give everyone else the same treatment that you would expect by listening to everyone’s ideas and providing constructive feedback. Involve all members of the team and share any information that is relevant to the project. It’s really important to make everyone feel equal for things to work!


Problem solving


There’s no sugar coating it, but no matter the length of the project, issues and problems are to be expected. Whenever you get together for group meetings and discussions, it’s worth spending some time at first chatting about any issues that anyone has. Communicating about difficulties and then cooperating to resolve them is the basis of all teamwork.


Delegate effectively


It is really important that everyone knows what his or her tasks are. Right at the beginning of the project, everyone should make suggestions as to what they’d like to be responsible for and each task should be delegated effectively. Share the ‘fun stuff’ among you all, equally taking on some of the less exciting tasks! You could also use a task management program so everyone knows what’s going on, and where.


Get out of the office


Why not arrange some teambuilding exercises? Sometimes getting out of the working environment and doing something a bit challenging, but where you all need to work together, can really increase productivity. Something we always try to do is have a Friday lunchtime quiz! Giving everyone a breather from work while still working our brains.


If you don’t have time to do teambuilding exercises, see if you can have your meetings outside of the workplace. Arrange to meet in a coffee shop or restaurant, being out of the stress-inducing work setting can give everyone the chance to relax and be a bit more natural.


What are your teamwork tips? Is there anything in particular you do when working with a group? Let us know if we’re missing a trick (or two)!


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