377 - How to improve communication in your team
Feb 11 2016

How to improve communication in your team

Communication is key to a healthy team and can help eliminate any confusion and frustrations that can develop. Not only does it help build teamwork and relationships, it improves efficiency. Do you and your team need to brush up on communication skills? We’ve got some killer tips to help you out.


Understand your team members


As a manager or team leader, it’s vital that you take the time to know about each individual in your team. It’ll help you out to learn their strengths, weaknesses and see where they are on confidence in communicating. You can then adjust the way you approach communicating with them. Are they more verbal or written? Can you improve their communication skills in any way?


Lead by example


It’s your job to set an example as a team manager or leader. If your communication skills aren’t the best, set yourself a goal to improve them. If your skills are on fire, great, use them to help others.


Be positive, give feedback and share relevant information that will help your team work together to get things done. Also, ask questions when necessary and tactically depending on the individual. By making the effort to do these things, it’ll encourage your team to do the same. Well, we hope…


Give your employees a push


We don’t mean literally…


By creating and rewarding open dialogue, it’ll certainly give your team the confidence to communicate with you and the rest of the team. Even if you don’t necessarily meet eye-to-eye, try and be positive. Go in being constructive and ask open questions to get the conversation going. Ask if everyone’s on the same page and understand fully so you can resolve any misunderstanding to save time.


Pin back those ears


Listening to a co-worker will show them that you’re giving them your full attention. If people begin to talk over each other, try and put a stop to it quickly, as it can be more destructive. This will encourage your team to pay attention to you too. Mutual respect for each other will improve understanding and encourage others to be open.


Nip negative emotions in the bud


No matter how professional we are and how much we try, emotions will make an appearance in the workplace at some point. You spend most of your day with your colleagues, who all have different personalities, so you’d have to be pretty robotic not to let your feelings show sometimes.


If you sense a negative conversation or vibe, approach it in a sensitive, constructive way. Rather than building negativity, it’s far more beneficial to lay your cards on the table and come to a solution calmly.


By keeping these tips in mind, your team will improve their communication skills and help you develop as a leader. Not only will they positively affect your workplace, but also encourage motivation, productivity and teamwork.


If you have any other tips that you’ve found personally effective, we’d love to know! Hit us up on Twitter ☺

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