381 - How to get the new Facebook reactions if you can't see them yet
Feb 25 2016

How to get the new Facebook reactions if you can’t see them yet

The new Facebook reactions are here, so you can now respond to posts, pictures and videos (not on individual comments as of yet) with more than a like, comment or share.

Thanks to the team at Facebook, you can say how you’re feeling in more ways than one, with a Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry reaction.

But, if you’re gagging to see these options on your feed and can’t just yet, here’s how you can get in on that action in a few easy steps…



To start using reactions, it’s as simple as closing and re-opening your app. Once you’re back in, hold your finger down on the like button, and the new reaction options will appear for you to pick from.



On the browser version of Facebook, you won’t need to log out and in to see the new feature. Just hover over the like button and the options will appear – happy days!


When reactions start getting used more and more, each post will show the top three reactions it has received. You can click on those to see how many people used those reactions (a little bit overkill in my opinion, but hey!). You can only use one reaction to respond to a post, but if you decide to change it afterwards, Facebook will just update the count.



With a select few to choose from, we think the most popular will be Love – there’s a lot of that going around! Who knows, maybe they will release a few more in the future – there’s room for few more aren’t there? Tell us yours!


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