276 - Boosted Blog Posts for Increased Traffic
Jan 15 2015

Boosted Blog Posts for Increased Traffic

We all know (or should by now!) that well written Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) content helps drive traffic to websites.


Spending time researching and writing the content, ensuring it is optimised with relevant keywords, and making it live is just the beginning. You need to think about other ways to get your content out there, in the hope that it drives people to your site.


So once you’ve written your article or blog, how can you boost it further?


Make it social


One of the easiest and quickest ways to get your blog in front of thousands of people is social media. Create a post with a link (and an image if possible as these have a better engagement rate) back to your blog so that people can see what you’ve written.


If posting on Twitter you can research relevant hashtags and include them in your post, so that users looking for your content can find it easier.


Repeat repeat


Don’t just think that you only get one bite of the cherry when it comes to social media, you can post your content again at different times, with different text, images or hashtags to try and increase impressions and engagement. Remember, the benefit of social media is that you can try out all these different things to see what works best for you. Just don’t post the same thing too often as it might annoy your followers!


Send newsletters


You should have a healthy list of clients and prospect email addresses, so why not use them. Write a monthly newsletter detailing and linking to your posts from the month and send them out. Remember they need to look professional and inline with your brand, as well as providing people the opportunity to unsubscribe if they want to.


Analyse its success


If your website has Google Analytics (if not, why not??) you can add annotations to the timeline of when your blog posts are released. This will help you evaluate any traffic increases/drops, which can then aid your content strategy moving forward.


All of the above are tried and tested methods that really do work. There are lots of programmes that can help you boost your blog posts (like Sprout Social or MailChimp), so try a few free trials to see which one works for you!

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EC 150x150 - Boosted Blog Posts for Increased Traffic
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