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Nov 07 2022

Five Benefits to Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

If you aren’t an expert marketer with a wide variety of skills, you might find the act of marketing your business’s products and services can turn into a full-time job in its own right; one that gets in the way of you doing the daily activities needed to make your business a success.


When you get to that stage, there are really two viable options: bring in extra headcount to focus on marketing, or opt for outsourcing your marketing.


What is outsourcing in digital marketing?


Outsourcing marketing means turning to an outside company – often a multi-skilled creative marketing agency – to function like an off-site marketing team. Depending on the package you take out with them, they can run your campaigns, create your content, populate your social channels, optimise your ad campaigns and work to improve your SEO ranking; all in the name of ultimately increasing your revenue, and growing your brand awareness.


Below, we’ll elaborate on this to explain the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing and why you should consider it.


Why you should outsource your digital marketing


1. Save money


The first two benefits of outsourcing marketing are very closely related. To begin with, it’s capable of saving you money.


As a comparison, consider the cost of recruiting, training and employing a single marketing professional to handle all of your company’s campaign work and daily marketing activities. Will they have the skill set to write, design, animate, schedule, publish, send, track and measure the effectiveness of all of their output? If so (which is a rare occurrence), what happens to your marketing when they go on annual leave? If not (which is far more likely), what skills can you sacrifice while running a successful marketing operation, or how many additional employees will you need to add if you don’t want to make trade-offs?


One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing digital marketing is that you get access to all of those skills for a flat monthly fee, and never need to worry about pensions, benefits, development plans, or your marketing activities taking time off when your people do. On the whole, it can be significantly more beneficial to both productivity and your business’s bottom line.


2. Access decades of combined expertise


Benefits of outsourcing digital marketing - Five Benefits to Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

We’ve already mentioned that outsourcing marketing services can give you access to a greater depth and variety of skill sets without the vagaries of employing and managing someone in an ongoing fashion. However, that also means you benefit from the years of combined experience and entire agency can bring.


Where a single marketing employee may have several years or more of experience, even a small team of marketers and creatives can put their heads together and call upon decades of work history – often in well-known companies where they were a part of producing amazing things. The extra creativity and know-how of both the do’s and don’ts of creative marketing work can prove invaluable, and give your output a completely different dimension to what one in-house worker might come up with on their own.


3. Get more time back to do your daily duties


Another compelling reason why you should outsource your digital marketing is that it simply saves you time (which also effectively goes back to point one about saving your company money!).


Employing an in-house marketing and creative team means needing to put in place working processes, hardware, software and most importantly, your own time, day in and week out, to answer questions, give direction, oversee workflows, and generally manage the team effectively. It’s high maintenance and gets in the way of the other important tasks you no doubt have to look at.


By contrast, outsourcing marketing is decidedly low-maintenance. After an initial kick-off meeting, it almost runs on autopilot, with occasional check-ins to make sure everything is going the way you want it to. Which leads neatly to my next point…


4. Be as involved or hands-off as you want to be


One of the big fears companies often have when they consider outsourcing marketing is losing control of their own marketing activities. However, a skilled marketing agency will work with you and feel like a natural extension of your team – even more so in a world where remote working has become a normal business practice!


Whether by email, phone, video call or in person, you can stay in regular contact with your agency contacts to influence, direct and advise on priorities. Alternatively, you can stick to your scheduled check-ins, approve work when it comes in, and reach out when you have something urgent you need them to jump on. Either way, the flexibility in the way of working is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing digital marketing to an accomplished and experienced agency.


5. See real, tangible results


Why you should outsource your digital marketing - Five Benefits to Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing


Wrapping up this post, the last of our five benefits to outsourcing your digital marketing is that creative agencies have results measurement built into their working of working. Using a suite of digital tools, they measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and will use those insights to offer informed suggestions on where best to use your budget for things like ad spend and product/service mix. They’ll also feed these things back regularly and have discussions with you about what to change or try for better results – so that your results keep improving over time. When you start seeing your sales increase, your leads pipeline filling up, and your social responses skyrocketing, it’s a definite sign that outsourcing your marketing was the right call.


Does your marketing need a boost?


Here at One2create our talented and experienced team of marketers, creatives and tech-heads have the skills and expertise to give your digital marketing a true shot in the arm. So if you’re looking to take your blog content, social posts or SEO output to the next level, we can definitely help!


To learn how, browse the blogs below, take a look at our marketing services page or reach out for a chat about outsourcing your marketing to us.


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