july facebook page changes - Facebook will remove specific Business Page info sections
Jul 02 2019

Facebook will remove specific Business Page info sections

One of the only things consistent about Facebook is the fact it’s always changing, and this week is no different. In one of their most recent shake ups, they’re going to be removing specific information from Facebook Business pages.


This change will take place from August 1st 2019, and it’s up to Social Media managers and Business Page owners to either add this content into different sections or lose it altogether. Boo!


O2C FB page info moving - Facebook will remove specific Business Page info sections


As you can see from the screenshot above, the information we’re going to have to change includes:


  • Awards
  • Company overview (why?!)
  • Date founded
  • Additional information (parking etc)


Reports have suggested that these sections are the least read, but from what we can gather, it does change based on individual pages. For example, a screenshot provided by Mari Smith (and shared by Matt Navarra), shows different sections to the One2create Facebook page.


fb page change - Facebook will remove specific Business Page info sections


You could argue that these sections are still relevant, since Facebook is all about the data and want to connect the right businesses with audiences that are going to interact with them most. But who are we to judge?


Facebook are regularly updating their service in a bid to compete with other social media platforms, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated as things progress.

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daveh1 150x150 - Facebook will remove specific Business Page info sections
Dave H

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  • Eku Wand

    These damn stupid changes will also affect my film, computer game, music group and artistic media project pages on Facebook — which I never intended to label these as business pages myself — so what the heck is a film page without film infos such as director and release dates, a game page without game credits, a music band page without band members and booking infos, and a project page without list of participants and attended exhibitions etc.?

    #UserJourney missing — damn not everything in life is just about money and business — it sucks to the max! Time to leave Facebook …

    18th July 2019 at 6:07 pm
  • Ronald Greene

    Like all your posts!

    12th April 2020 at 2:29 am

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