Feb 14 2017

7 proven ways to establish trust on your website

The Internet can be a large, unsafe place for users in the modern world. With so many reports of cyber-attacks and data breaches, it’s no wonder that users are constantly assessing the trustworthiness of websites and companies.


As a web designer or marketer, it’s important that you know how to establish trust on your website, especially if you want your business to grow. That’s why we’ve created a list of 7 proven ways to do just that.


Tip #1 – Badges


Badges are an exceptional way of building trust on your website. They show that accredited bodies have recognised your company, and you’ve been rewarded for all your hard work.


one2create awards website - 7 proven ways to establish trust on your website


You need to be careful when creating these badges. Remember the connotations that each colour has, and what effect this is going to have on a reader. For example, gold symbolises value, whereas red symbolises danger.


Tip #2 – Testimonials and reviews


Having testimonials and reviews on your website are both excellent ways to build trust.


Testimonials and reviews give social proof that your brand is trustworthy, and that you value the opinions of your customers. People buy from people, and consumers are more likely to read reviews before they buy a product or service than ever before.


These can be featured prominently on your website, or you can ask previous customers submit a Google Review. Having these reviews on Google also help with your SEO. Make sure that you respond to any review, both positive and negative.



one2create google reviews - 7 proven ways to establish trust on your website


Tip #3 – Client portfolio


Showcasing your best work is another way to build trust on your website. Potential customers like to see examples of your work, especially if it’s a physical product they can see in use, or (in our case) numerous websites that you’ve created.


For each portfolio entry, it’s always worth taking the time to consider what the project involved, and what key actions you had to take throughout the process. This helps readers establish whether your services can help them.


For example, if you’re a web design company, make sure you mention that a website has a fully responsive design, and has been optimised for Search Engines.


Tip #4 – Meet the Team


Adding faces to the people behind your company helps to establish trust with potential customers. People are generally a bit nosey and like to find out as much as they can about whom they’ll be working with.


If you have the budget, then we suggest getting professional headshots taken, but if you want to do it yourself, then careful lighting and a dab-hand with a smartphone can also give you brilliant results. Make sure that each image is the same size, and everyone is in a similar pose.


Tip #5 – Prominent contact details


Having your contact information displayed prominently shows potential customers that you have a physical office space, with real-life employees.


one2create contact details - 7 proven ways to establish trust on your website


Listing your phone number, address and email can allow visitors to easily contact you. For current customers, this also shows that they can talk to a person should there be any issues or concerns in the future.


Tip #6 – Useful, free information


Offering free, useful information is another way to build trust with your website. If online readers and potential customers can see that you’re freely sharing your valuable knowledge, they’re more likely to want to work with you.


There can be a fine line between offering everything you have, and imparting knowledge gained from years in your industry. Make sure that you’re addressing any pain points, but also providing details should anyone want to talk to you further.


Tip #7 – Humanise your site


We don’t want to say it again, but people buy from people. You need to humanise your website. This isn’t just from the content that you create, but the tone of voice and also the consistency in which you update content.


Make sure that all your blog posts are up to date, and actively engage with any readers who take the time to leave a comment.


They might just be saying how much they enjoyed reading something, but they’ve still set time aside to reach out to you. Take the time to reach out back.



What do you think? When you’re visiting a website, what makes you trust the company? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments below.


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