Oct 06 2016

Twitter Moments, how to create your own


Moments was released last year on Twitter, allowing selected partners to create stories on topics from news to fun.


Twitter has now rolled out the feature to all users, so they can curate their own stories.


Many brands and groups have already got involved and it can be a great opportunity for business to create engaging content.


So how do you create a Moment?


Right now, you can only use the feature on Twitter’s desktop site, we’re hoping for mobile soon!


  • Click on the Moments tab on your home feed and select the option to ‘create new moment’

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  • Add a title, description and cover. To grab your audience it’s best to keep your title short, they’re limited to 75 characters.


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When you describe what’s coming up in your Moment, keep it under 250 characters. You can set the cover for the Moment from an upload or select one from a tweet.


Adding content to your Moment


There are a lot of options when it comes to adding content. You can choose from tweets you’ve liked, search for specific accounts or tweets in search and add posts from a link to the tweet.


Twitter recommends using up to 10 tweets in your Moment so the post isn’t too long. You can also mix up your content by including posts with photos, GIFs, videos or Vines.


If you want to save the Moment for later, Twitter allows you to ‘Finish Later’ with a button at the top of your post.


If you’re ready to post it straight away click on the ‘Publish’ option and your Moment will be shared with the world.


After you’ve created a Moment, it will appear in a tab on your Twitter profile. This is a quick way to find all the Moments you’ve ever created and makes them easy to share.


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What can I post in a Moment?

You know how to create one but you might be stuck with just what to post. Twitter suggests top tweets, or best GIFs of the day.


Some others we’d suggest are –


Curating news – select the main points from a story and out them together to create an overview.


Following trending topics / hashtags – We all see stories trending but have no idea where it started or why. You could create a Moment with the source of a trend with the most popular tweets in the feed.


Creating a demo – the range of content you can use in a Moment allows you to demonstrate or show the product in multiple ways, summing up the best part.


Twitter created a Moment to announce the release of Moments for everyone and also gave you top tips on how to use them. See the post here.


You can also share a Moment privately, this could be a nice way to say happy birthday to a friend, document a friendship, or to send a follower information on a specific topic.


Let us know if you have any other ideas for how to use Moments or if you’ve experimented with the feature on Twitter or Facebook.

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