278 - 5 Web Design Trends To Look Out For This Year
Jan 26 2015

5 Web Design Trends To Look Out For This Year

Responsive, responsive, responsive!


As well as a trend, responsive web design is absolutely crucial. There’s been emphasis on brands adapting their sites to tablets and smart phones, however, this should also apply to larger screens also. You want potential clients to have an easy, positive experience using your website across all platforms.


We definitely recommend that you update your website to make it responsive and if you are thinking about having a website designed, have this functionality at the forefront of your thinking!


Material design


Flat design has been really popular in the last couple of years and is here to stay in 2015… with an upgrade! It’s learnt a lot during 2014 and has somewhat grown into material design.


Material design is a mostly flat design that uses subtle layering, responsive animation, gradients and depth effects. While achieving the same advantages as flat design, it retains a sense of life and physical space, which makes it so slick and wonderful to use.


Large, beautiful background images


An awesome, yet simple way to make your site stand out is having impressive content displayed straight away. Large beautiful background images or videos make your website immediately intriguing, prompting users to keep scrolling!


From full screen videos and images, to responsive slideshows, your website will instantly create an emotive connection. This powerful, yet elegant web design trend has popularised in the last year and will be sure to continue in 2015!


Ghost buttons


Ghost buttons are a definite trend to look out for this year. They’re minimalist, contemporary and work well with various colour schemes. Adding to the pros, the subtle hover animation is aesthetically pleasing and lovely to use.


This is perfect for companies and people who like a modern and clean take on web design. Ghost buttons complement designs with large images and videos, if you’d like to combine the two!


Emphasis on typography


Usually, web-type kits that enable lots of attractive fonts and typefaces are pricey, but with the trend popularising this year, they’re becoming more accessible. This means that for designers with smaller budgets with big ideas will gain more freedom and flexibility with their choice on fonts for their websites.


The key point in this trend is attainability, particularly for WordPress users. Choosing a font that’s decent and appropriate for your website is crucial and can ultimately determine whether a user will leave or stay. This is definitely a trend to look out for this year!


If you have any other favourites, we’d love to hear your suggestions!

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