272 - 5 Branding Tips for Small Businesses
Dec 18 2014

5 Branding Tips for Small Businesses

Your brand isn’t just your name or a logo, it represents your values, your services and your vision. If anything, as a small company, you need to ensure that you build a strong brand foundation that you can continue to develop. These top tips identify key elements to help you create a brand that’s recognisable and appealing to your consumers.


1. Define your brand


First, you need to establish who you are as a company. Ask yourself questions about how you want your customers to perceive your brand and how you want to be known. As well as this, you need to set yourself apart from competitors, what differentiates your company from others? Asking yourself questions such as these and identifying answers will provide you with a clear idea of your brand, its vision and purpose.


2. Build your brand with a person in mind


Whether your company’s services or products are aimed at other businesses or to clients, make your brand personable. Individuals at your company have values, personalities and opinions and by incorporating these into your brand strategy, your consumers will relate as people buy from people!


3. Identify an appropriate tone of voice and use it consistently


Your tone will give your brand a personality for your consumers to connect with. Before deciding your tone and approach, consider your target audience and think what they would expect to see. It’s better to spend the time getting the tone right and communicating successfully with your customers, rather than picking an approach straight away and getting it wrong. Carry this tone throughout your business, from advertising to customer service. Your employees applying the same tone will reinforce your company’s character and identity.


4. Keep your message clear and simple


Create a vision statement that describes what your company is concisely and to the point. Make it easy for the consumer to understand who you are and what you do in a short amount of time. How will your services or products benefit them and what separates you from others? Explaining this clearly will encourage them to find out more, rather than losing interest, moving on and investing in a competitor.


5. Create an innovative logo


With your logo, you have the opportunity to be original and visually express the way you want your company to be represented. Refer back to your tone, approach and vision statement, so you can create a logo that will correlate with and reflect your brand identity. You have the potential to be independent and original, making you stand out from other small businesses, as well as the larger ones.

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