350 - Do you want to stop procrastinating and start doing?
Sep 04 2015

Do you want to stop procrastinating and start doing?

Whether it’s a quick scroll through Instagram or * just one more * episode of New Girl, everyone does it. Procrastination. It’s one of life’s biggest annoyances and once you get caught in the trap, it can be hard to get out.


We’re no strangers to the odd distraction here and there, so here’s our top tips for ensuring you stay on track with that project, work or revision.


1. Write a list!


Ohhhh we love a good list! Write yourself a to-do list full of every task, big or little. Breaking it down into smaller projects will make you feel less overwhelmed, and you can enjoy a small accomplishment each time you tick something off the list! The perfect reason to get your notebook and highlighter out…


2. Start


Don’t put it off any longer; just start doing what you need to do! Now you’re in the swing of things, it’s not that bad is it? I find that after I’ve taken ages to start something, once I’m doing it, I wonder what it was that I thought would be so bad!


3. Do not give in to temptation


If you need to do work on a computer, it is so easy to just browse to Twitter or get caught up in the latest celebrity news. Now, try this, if you don’t need the internet for your work, try and just turn your connection off. Go on… it’s not that painful! If you do need to use the internet, try and use a concentration app, I actually wrote an article about Productivity Apps a while back.


4. Get a companion


It may be possible for you to have someone you can work with, particularly when it comes to revision or studying. Having a buddy to help you through makes the process a bit more fun and you can discuss your goals with one another. Having someone to bounce off may just help you focus a bit more.


So there are our 4 top tips for ensuring you stay on track and don’t get distracted. What do you do differently? Give us a shout on Twitter , but not while you’re working. Obviously.

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