110 - O2C Newsletter - March 2014
Mar 01 2014

O2C Newsletter – March 2014

‘Allo allo! How much do you love the longer days? The office is definitely feeling a bit brighter in the afternoons, even with all this rain!


It’s a big one this month so let’s get started…




Sail Training International


We’ve already had our kick off meeting with Sail Training International to give them an awesome new website design packed with imagery. We’re really impressed with their organisational skills as they already have photos and copy ready to go. We will be producing an interactive website, full of striking imagery that they have under their belts – we’re looking forward to seeing the outcome!


Pure Latitude Sailing


I think the world is trying to tell us that we need to go on a sailing trip or something… ahh ok then! The second sailing company project that we can’t wait to get started on is for Pure Latitude Sailing. This will be for a cracking responsive website, copywriting, a marketing analysis and ongoing SEO! With all of that aced, what more could they ever need?




Charmol Interiors


We designed and developed Charmol Interiors’ website a while back and now they have signed up for some One2create SEO magic. We will be performing a keyword analysis and optimising their website. We’re also going to be adding an animated banner to their homepage and landing pages to allow them to display more of their portfolio on their website.


Direct First Aid


Having created Direct First Aid’s branding and website last year, they’ve contacted us so we can add a few general updates to their website including a Google+ social media button. This fab company have gone from strength to strength since their launch – it’s so great to have been part of something so special.




GBS Corporate Training


We’re in the final phases of the build for GBS Corporate Training’s website. It’s been a complex project because of the course handling, so we had to perform some jiggery-pokery to make it all function wonderfully while still looking great. We’ve also been busy creating a bespoke image that epitomises their business perfectly – and they love it!


Impact Sales Recruitment


Having shown them their new web design, they were really chuffed with the outcome (although they were certainly wearing their poker faces to start off with) This is their first website so it needed to be spot on. The next steps are to build the site and it will feature an interactive map to help narrow down job searches.




We’ve been given the go-ahead from Arval for some animation to help drive their services. It’s been really fun listening to loads of voiceovers and creating the whole thing. We can’t wait to wow them in a couple weeks with the final product. This will be used alongside an overarching marketing campaign to demonstrate just how awesome they really are.


Gift Décor


We’ve carried out CMS training with Gift Décor now so when their website goes live they will be completely ready to go. We can’t wait to show you all this website because it looks absolutely gorgeous… if we do say so ourselves 😉


Workshop Recruitment


Having had a meeting with Workshop Recruitment this week, they fell in love with our designs and copy so we should be getting stuck in with the build very soon! The website will be fully responsive, and has been designed to create a fresh feel for the long-standing recruitment company – really setting them apart.




Vivate Recruitment


This website only went live last week and already there have been job applications made through it!


Focal Point Training


Another website we got live this month, Focal Point Training. We loved creating such a modern, funky and responsive website that still had its core objectives at heart. It looks great and we will be providing them with ongoing SEO to drive users to the site too.


Owow Chocolates


If you haven’t seen us ranting about this one on social media then SHAME ONYOU! We’re really pleased with this e-commerce website and we’ve had some great feedback on it too! You can see it here.

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