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Mar 08 2017

National Apprenticeship Week 2017 – SEO

From Monday 6th to Friday 10th March 2017, it’s going to be National Apprenticeship Week throughout the UK. Here at One2create, we’ve asked our apprentices to share their own experiences about their time with us.


This time it’s the turn of our Search Engine Optimisation Apprentice Rayan. He joined One2create in August 2016, and has immersed himself into the world of SEO since day one.


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  1. Why did you choose an apprenticeship over a University course?


I didn’t want the University debt after finishing the course, plus I wanted to start earning money as fast I could. Going to university would mean I would have to get a mediocre part time job whilst I was studying.


  1. What made you choose your apprenticeship?


I enjoy business and spend a lot of time on technology, so this seemed like the perfect apprenticeship for me.


  1. What’s it like working at One2create?


Great. Everyone’s friendly and people know when to have a laugh from time to time.


  1. How do you think your apprenticeship is going to help your career in the future?


It will help me get a better understanding of the area of work that I’m in and also give me the right skills in order for me to progress further.


  1. What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship at One2create?


The type of work that I do is really interesting especially when things keep changing, such as when Search Engines roll out new algorithm updates. That and also the fact I only have to go to college once a month!


  1. What are the main skills that you’ve learnt since your apprenticeship started?


The most important skills I’ve learnt so far cover off and on-page SEO, how to gain back links and keyword research using programmes like Google Analytics and Google Adwords.


  1. What advice would you give someone that’s thinking about taking on an apprenticeship role?


It’s important to remember you’re at work, so it’s unlike Uni. You have full working hours and you might also have to do college work at home if there is no time at work to do so.



That’s the third post in our series so far but don’t worry, there’s still one more to come. Marianne, our (recently promoted) content marketing apprentice will be writing the final post.


Both of our creative apprentices have already shared their own thoughts on their time with One2create. You can have a read of Beccys’ article here, and Harrys’ article here.


Are you an apprentice at the moment? Or are you considering making the move into paid learning? We’d love to hear your own thoughts and experience, so let us know in the comments below.


Likewise, if you want to give us a shout-out on Twitter, then you can find us here. We’re also on Facebook, and we always like to meet new people, so head over here and give us a Like.

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