149 - What the #!?% is Marketing anyway | Part 4
Oct 03 2013

What the #!?% is Marketing anyway | Part 4

It’s been too long since our last jaunt into the demystification of marketing techniques Have you missed me? I missed you so much it hurts!


This time we are going back into our crowded room and boy it is heaving today. We walk in and quicker than you could say “Swiss family Robinson” someone comes up and says “Hi, you’re < insert your name here > aren’t you? I hear that you’re really good in bed!”




Now that my friends, is brand recognition…Hoorah! (Said in the tone of a US marine)


Seriously though, brand recognition isn’t only for the big boys. Every company can achieve this holy grail with enough time and effort. It isn’t easy, but boy is it worth it!


Now, before you run out and have your company logo tattooed on your forehead in an attempt to increase your brand awareness, it’s important to actually understand what branding is.


In order to do this I like to replace branding with reputation. The word branding you may not fully understand, but reputation makes a load more sense, doesn’t it? Your company brand (or reputation) is the key to your business success.


Branding is also more than your logo and company colour scheme. It’s the tone of copy throughout your website and point of sales materials, the look of your building, your sales presentation, how you pitch, it’s even how you answer your telephone and respond to emails.


All of these things help a potential new client get a feel for what your business is about and then they start to decide if there is a good cultural fit between you and them. Your brand IS your company so it’s important to get it right.




Well, it should:
• Highlight what is special about your business
• Show your products and services off in the most positive light
• Tell people about your USPs (every company has them)


In order to do this properly you really do need to sit down and think of who you target is and how you want to position yourself within this market place.




• Make them clear and most importantly consistent in all aspects of your business
• Make your brand clearly visible against your competition
• Be different and stand out


My final thought on this is, be consistent in your approach and make sure that your message is clear on everything that you do.


Remember ‘Karlos Van Dando’ that great shopping centre brand? You know, the biggest outlet shopping chain in the UK a few years back? Remember, how their small network of boutique outlets catered for all of your telephone shopping needs? Oh come on, they kept their prices down by not actually having physical buildings but selling everything on the internet?!


Don’t you remember? Well neither do we! Make sure you have a consistent brand message or I may not remember you in a few years either 😉


Next time we wrap this set of articles up into a neat little package when we talk about Return on Investment (ROI).

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